The program

When it comes to tech it’s all about computer science. Without computer science, we wouldn’t be seeing the increase in innovative technologies that continuously improve our lives, from automated factories and intelligent assistants to augmented reality, shopping apps, smart homes and mobile payment systems. No matter what the sector, industry or company, organizations that want to stay relevant today must integrate innovative tech into their operations and strategy. And the need to integrate tech means the need to integrate business savvy computer scientists, capable of designing and developing innovative, disruptive tech. The Master in Computer Science and Business Technology will prepare you to become a builder of tomorrow’s tech, able to use your knowledge of digital technologies to develop innovative solutions and propel businesses forward in the tech driven world.

Student Profiles

Traditionally, students have had to choose between a career path in technology or business. But times have changed. Now the business world needs people who “speak tech,” while the tech world needs people who “speak business.” This program is built for anyone driven to design and develop the technologies that will help bring businesses forward and improve the way we work and live. You don’t need a Bachelor’s Degree in computer science to be successful in this program. In fact, our students can come from a variety of educational and professional backgrounds, including: business & economics, engineering, IT/IS, natural sciences and social sciences.


This program will give you the technical knowledge and hands-on experience you need to jump into the field when you step out of the classroom. Over 11 months you will master skills in foundations of computing, AI, software and digital technologies, Apps, infrastructure and applied AI and innovation methodologies and strategies. The program is uniquely structured, divided into three learning periods and taught by inspiring experts in the industry, making sure you come out a master in tech development and design of the future.


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You will begin the program with an intensive introduction to the building blocks of computer science. Our speed-start program ensures that students from all backgrounds begin the program with the foundation they need to be successful. In this intensive month we will make sure you’re up to speed in programming, mathematics and tech innovation, and ready to get your hands dirty throughout the rest of the program.

  • Intensive initial month
  • Programming
  • Mathematics
  • Tech innovation

Begin to Build

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In this 3 month period you will build a base of knowledge in Digital Tech and Tech Innovation. Through specific learning and hands-on experience in digital technologies (AI, IoT, cloud and blockchain) you’ll gain a foundation that will propel you forward. Combine that with the unique experience HST offers to learn specific innovation techniques used by real companies, like Agile, Scrum and Lean, and you will have a solid foundation to build from.

  • Digital technologies (AI, IoT, Cloud, Blockchain)
  • Innovation techniques (Agile, Scrum, Lean)

Becoming a Master

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Throughout the next 7 months you will dive deeper into Tech Dev, Applied AI and Infrastructure. You will learn the specifics of:

  • Data structure and algorithms
  • Databases
  • Software development
  • Usability
  • Machine learning
  • Recommendation engines
  • Natural language processing
  • Bots
  • Computer vision
  • Cloud
  • Mobile
  • Dev-ops
  • Distributed systems
  • Scalability

Getting Hands-on

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Throughout the program, and specifically in the third period, you will engage in practical projects to apply the skills you’re learning and develop tech for real-world business use-cases. You will also collaborate with our corporate partners, working in teams on consulting challenges, hack-a-thons, and other practical projects to get you in the game early on.





Academic Standards

Code of Ethics


The IE Community is dedicated to the promotion of ethics and integrity in the world of business.

Evaluation criteria


Students are evaluated based on the GPA on the four-point scale and using what is often referred to as a “curve” system.

Group of work


Working in teams is an essential part of the IE experience. Groups will be assigned by the academic teams focusing on bringing together students in diverse groups.

Class participation


Every class at IE is conducted as a discussion in order to bring together different points of view. Participation is key to the evaluation of students at IE.