Sustainable Mindset Chain of Change.


The future of the planet is being rapidly shaped – and reshaped – by technology and science, and we believe that humans need to be at the center of these dramatic changes. Regardless of your area of study, think about whether you might be a human-centered leader ready to contribute to driving positive change.

We believe that no matter your role or industry, it is crucial to do your part in fighting the climate crisis and making the world a more habitable place. To that end, at HST we are drawing on human initiative, science, and technology to engage our academic community in the pursuit of sustainability and positive social impact.

As technology and science continue to impact our lives and the world we live in, we face social, economic and political challenges that must be addressed ethically and responsibly. As an institution of higher education, we believe that it must be part of our mission to engage our students with these larger issues.

To this end, HST has launched an initiative to infuse the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into course curricula across the school. By analyzing these goals from a critical and global perspective, students learn how to harness their interdisciplinary training to make the world a better place. Industry experts and academic faculty will guide you as you explore how you might make a positive impact on the new world of work, both today and tomorrow. You’ll experience a holistic approach to education, and will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in real, practical challenges at the intersection of human sciences and technology, including social impact projects.


At HST, we don’t just want to future-proof your career. We want to future-proof the planet.


  • Master in Visual and Digital Media

    IE’s Master in Visual and Digital Media trains students to create and lead innovative visual and digital media projects for companies worldwide. A key component of this course is the Master Capstone Project, during which students develop a comprehensive visual and media strategy for a specific NGO by creating, distributing and evaluating content for social impact. Done in collaboration with the Fundación Llorente & Cuenca, each team works with on a particular issue related to sustainability to boost their NGO’s visual and digital strategies, be that childhood, poverty, inclusion and inequalities, diversity, or health, among others.

    These companies include: Masi. Talento MCR. Unicap. Culturas Unidas. Dan Zaass. Esperanza y Alegría. Magdalena. Pato Amarillo. Into Neverland. Cesal. Aldaba. Antares. Soñar Despierto. Saniclown.


  • Master in Corporate and Marketing Communication

    IE’s Master in Corporate Marketing & Communications teaches students to guide  businesses to successfully navigate the new challenges of the digital world through new forms of engagement, open-innovation, and brand co-creation in terms of both strategy and implementation.

    A key component of this course is the Master Capstone Project, during which students develop a comprehensive communications and marketing strategy for specific companies. Many of these projects focus on issues surrounding sustainability, such as:

    • Humanium: In this Project, students created a detailed communications plan for Humanium Metal by IM, which fights firearm violence through “firearm destruction programs”.
    • Coca-Cola: the aim of this project was to shift Coca-Cola’s perception from being a contributor to polluting the Earth to the leader in sustaining it and keeping it safe.
    • Adidas: Students worked to determine a strategy for Adidas Real Madrid that identifies a sustainable partner regarding the issue of diversity.
    • AHMAD Tea: the objective of this project was for students to generate awareness about Ahmad Tea’s charitable activities worldwide, and build their reputation as a key CSR-driven company that creates shared value for the communities they operate in.


    Global Challenge + Project Management courses
    ATIL Documentary

    Global Challenge + Project Management courses

    Team projects will be developed during these courses in collaboration with the IE Africa Center and Ashoka, with topics focusing on sustainability in a range of areas, from micro-credits for affordable housing in South Africa to sustainable farming in Nigeria.

    ATIL Documentary

    A group of students in their 2nd year of the program produced a documentary about life in a refugee camp in the Sahara. The documentary showcases the value of a creative approach to education and sustainability in the region, through the stories of 5 individuals.



    Students from the Bachelor in Psychology regularly participate in volunteer initiatives, such as working with senior citizens and elderly patients suffering from Alzheimers, to further propagate the goal of good health and wellbeing.

HST at TEDxIE Madrid

TEDxIE Madrid is an independently organized TED-style event organized by IE students and aimed at inspiring the leaders of tomorrow to transform out society. Check out some of out speakers below!

Marketing & communications summer school

In the marketing & communications track of our Summer School, students study the foundations of “marcoms”, with a special focus on creating an advocacy campaign on topics related to the environment, education, health, transportation or energy.