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See what it’s like to be a Master in International Relations student, from the Brussels Fieldwork to our daily life in Madrid, and find out what our alumni have to say!

Brussels Fieldwork

The European Union is the worlds most extensive and ambitious experiment in supranational governance, and constitutes an ideal venue in which to study the interaction of public sector, private sector, and civil society organizations. As a result, the European Union provides a unique lens into both the opportunities and challenges which result from increased international cooperation. In order to provide students access to this fertile testing ground, a salient feature of the MIR experience is a week-long fieldwork visit to Brussels.

International Network

Students at IE enjoy a truly international atmosphere, with more than 100 nationalities present on campus and a faculty comprised of roughly 50% international professors. Year by year, this forms the basis of IE’s strong network of more than 50,000 alumni spread over 100 countries across the world.

Foreign Languages

In addition to the diverse curriculum and multi-sectoral approach, the Master in International Relations offers students the chance to take an additional language course of either Spanish, French, Arabic or Chinese throughout the program.







Average Age

26 years

Average Age

Average Proffesional Experience

0-3 years

Average Professional Experience

International Student


International Student

Nationalities represented


Nationalities represented

Geographic Distribution

The Master in International Relations at IE comprises a talented, diverse and ambitious group of students. Classes are relatively small (a maximum of 45 students) and very cohesive. This sets the ground for culturally dynamic class environment and gives students the opportunity to study, collaborate, network and learn from each other’s experiences.

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