Fatema Almehrzi

Fatema Almehrzi

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I'm Fatema, from the United Arab Emirates. I’m a Master in Applied Economics student who would describe herself as passionate and persistent, always ready to work hard toward my goals. I’m also passionate about languages, mathematics and numbers, and my desire to understand human behavior. Beyond academics, I find joy in playing the piano and actively seek out opportunities to volunteer.

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Fatema Almehrzi

“The international environment at IE has taught me to value the diversity of different ideas, making every interaction a worthwhile learning opportunity.”

Fatema Almehrzi

Numbers and languages blend for a unique experience

Fatema Almehrzi has a natural flair for languages. Fluent in English, Arabic and French, her repertoire is impressive. Although she discovered her talent early on, it was only after a two-year stint living in Jordan, “exploring, traveling, and immersing” herself in unique experiences, that Fatema’s love for languages truly bloomed.

It’s also how she found herself in France. Right after her high school graduation, Fatema took on an interesting challenge: to learn French in just one year. This “language odyssey”—as she calls it—influenced her choice of university for her bachelor’s degree and ultimately guided her to Sorbonne University in Abu Dhabi, where she studied economics and management. This allowed her to visit France annually to help build her language skills while also expanding her “cultural horizons.”

It’s no surprise, then, that Fatema took a similar approach to her postgraduate education. Academic rigor was her primary consideration, but Fatema was looking for a program that would also nurture her love for math and numbers while fulfilling her desire to understand human behavior. These factors are what led her to economics in the first place, and the prospect of immersing herself even more in the field appealed to her greatly. She also knew that a good master’s degree program would be the key to new career opportunities.

But that wasn’t the only reason why she finally chose IE University’s Master in Applied Economics. Fatema was determined to study in Spain and gain fluency in Spanish, a language she’s been learning over the past year. “My journey to IE University truly was molded by a love of languages and a curiosity for diverse cultures,” says Fatema. What’s more, she felt the program’s small class size would encourage closer connections not just with her peers, but also with the expert faculty of professors.

“The Master of Applied Economics at IE University has been a tough yet rewarding path.”

Fatema Almehrzi
Fatema Almehrzi
Fatema Almehrzi

Fatema describes the Master in Applied Economics as “a tough but rewarding path” so far. Although she eschewed formal job experience in favor of pursuing knowledge, the program is helping her develop hands-on expertise in its own way. Through talks, forums, conferences and even networking with experienced professionals and entrepreneurs in her cohort, she’s already enhancing her business acumen and getting a taste of economics in the real world.

She’s also enjoying being a part of such a diverse, global cohort. “With over ten nationalities in a class of 15, each session is a melting pot of varied viewpoints,” she explains. But the most stand-out highlight has to be her professors: “Their enthusiasm for their courses is contagious, making each class a one-of-a-kind educational experience.”

When she isn’t in class, you can find Fatema immersed in a Spanish academy to improve her Spanish, or engaging in the events organized by IE, she is participating in the Honors Seminar at Bocconi University in Italy. While highly engaged in the exciting visits, seminars, and events organized by IE University, she understands the importance of juggling work and life for a more balanced, fulfilling experience. When not pursuing professional development opportunities, you can also see her around the university, meeting and interacting with new people. As she says, “IE University’s international environment has taught me to value the diversity of different ideas, making every interaction a worthwhile learning opportunity.”

For Fatema, the demanding curriculum of the Master in Applied Economics makes it a valuable investment. But what makes the experience life-changing is the diverse, passionate community she’s found at IE University. So, for future students thinking about joining this unique program, she says “Just do it! It’s an experience you’ll never forget.”