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Our English-language bachelor programs are designed to develop your leadership skills and prepare you to tackle the professional challenges of the modern workplace. We encourage all students from our undergraduate programs to participate in high-quality enrichment opportunities.

The IE University experience involves much more than academic studies. Our practice-based methodology takes you beyond the classroom walls and straight to the frontlines of the industry you’re passionate about. We offer an exceptional range of opportunities that allow you to tailor your studies to your specific career goals and enhance your employability by obtaining extra qualifications.

Our applied and student-centered approach to education helps identify your unique strengths and gives you the chance to build your own path. Immersed in this dynamic environment, you will have access to our cutting-edge resources, and you will be able to customize your program by adding complementary courses, advanced seminars, internships, and IEU Labs.
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Students receive academic guidance from tutors and advisors who provide direction, encouraging the integration of the different degree elements. Build a personalized academic program that matches your professional aspirations.


The IE Start-Up Lab is an on-campus incubator, where professors and entrepreneurs provide students with feedback and guidance on their business plans. With access to further resources and plan preparation help at IE Business School’s Venture Lab, you can pitch your idea to potential investors at IE Venture Days, bringing your idea to life.



The Final Degree Project displays the culmination of four years of studies. The topics are chosen with faculty input with step-by-step guidance provided by an advisor. Drawing upon the knowledge gained from specific academic areas, internships or IE Labs projects, this is a chance to show off the extent of your architectural learning and design creativity.


IEU Labs are IE University’s alternative to traditional internships. Designed for first and second year students seeking high level internship placements, the IEU Labs provide a hands-on, internship-like, on-campus experience, where you work on projects for leading companies and institutions in a variety of sectors.



Real-world professional experience is fundamental as students prepare to enter the working world. The Dual Degree in Philosophy, Politics, Law and Economics & Data and Business Analytics offers internship opportunities with top international organizations. Gain experience in your desired field, experience new cultures and set yourself up for success.

A world of opportunities

Once you finish your degree, you’ll be ready to develop your career in a wide range of areas. Whether you are inspired by working in the public or the private sector, as an IE University Philosophy, Politics, Law and Economics & Data and Business Analytics graduate, you will be more than prepared to use your expertise to provide a service to society on an international scale, and to make a positive impact in your field and potentially beyond. Below you will find some of the areas you can specialize in.

Smart cities policy creator

The insights extracted from data will allow you to propose and implement smart solutions that will help you build smarter cities and societies. Smart cities operate better public transportation services, have higher life expectancies, better social conditions, improved traffic conditions and better communication. As cities become smarter, our society evolves toward a new reality that needs leaders like you to make it a reality.

Behavioral economics consultant

Research has shown that many traditional economic principles are wrong because they consider human nature and behavior to be more rational than what it truly is. Through the analysis and understanding of human behavior and in part with the help of data, you will develop the necessary skills to redefine economic principles and develop better policies in the public and private sectors.

Smart government advisor

Governments need to understand society better in order to create and implement effective policies. As a smart government advisor, you will gain the skills needed to deeply analyze society from a philosophy, politics, law and economics perspective using cutting-edge analytics and technologies. Through deep research, you will be able to advise governments on how to improve citizens’ lives having a positive impact on society.

Political campaign designer

Politics and political campaigns are very much about interpreting the complex dynamics that underpin the social reality of voters and citizens. Political campaign designers analyze individuals and societies to find trends and patterns that will allow them to propose better policies and address the difficulties of societies. You will apply the latest analytics technologies to understand society’s most pressing challenges and propose innovative solutions.

Global crisis expert

Crisis are more global than ever as globalization reaches every corner of our planet. As a global crisis expert, you will be able to face crisis from a multidisciplinary perspective, and to recognize the causes and effects that they have on global societies and governments. You will have the training needed to propose solutions to complex global problems that affect peoples’ daily lives and realities.


Entrepreneurial ventures are also a great way to develop your career. As a business owner, you can try new innovative processes to optimize business functions, and use your creativity and entrepreneurship to come up with new business ideas. You will also be able to create and implement solutions to improve competitiveness, and develop business strategies to compete effectively in entrepreneurial markets.


In our fast-paced world, the demand for professionals who can think on their feet and work across boundaries is perpetually increasing. At IE University, we believe that postgraduate study provides the opportunity to not only develop your skills and pursue your passions, but also to advance your career and establish yourself as a specialist in your desired area. Expand your knowledge and improve your standing in your field to stand out in today's challenging job market.

Follow your Dual Degree in Philosophy, Politics, Law and Economics & Business and Data Analytics with one of these recommended masters:


– Master in Business Administration
– Master in Management
– Master in Finance

Consolidate your professional profile with a Master from IE Business School—a top-ranked leader in business education. Become an expert in your area with our world-class programs, and prepare for a future full of success.


With a Master from IE Law School, you can pursue a legal career in Spain with the Máster en Abogacía LL.M., or abroad with the International LL.M.