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Alfonso José Pérez López

About me

I'm Alfonso José Pérez López. I’m from Murcia, Spain, and I’m currently studying towards a Dual Degree in Business Administration + International Relations. Outside of university, I enjoy nothing more than sharing laughs with my friends and making time to center myself. I find tranquility in connecting with nature and practicing yoga. In addition to my studies, I sing in a choir and organize events, including a recital featuring a world-renowned pianist.

Alfonso José Pérez López
Undergraduate student
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Dual Degree in Business Administration & International Relations
Alfonso José Pérez López | IE

"My favorite subjects are Data Analysis for Economics, Public Opinion and Foreign Policy because they exemplify the critical thinking approach to the world that IE University can be known for."

Alfonso José Pérez López

Embarking on multifaceted ventures and challenges

As a student of the Dual Degree in Business Administration + International Relations at IE School of Politics, Economics & Global Affairs, one of Alfonso’s reasons for studying this program was to enhance his “understanding of the world that surrounds us.” That probably explains why his preferred subjects are Data Analysis for Economics, Public Opinion and Foreign Policy, and the strong interest he takes in investigating issues surrounding misinformation, fake news and fact-checking.

In many ways, Alfonso exemplifies the ecosystem at IE University. He’s an entrepreneur, cofounding CommonHealth, a startup which he says “aims to improve the health and well-being of people through innovative solutions.” He has a typically international outlook, too, speaking English and German in addition to his native Spanish. And the institution’s humanist teaching philosophy particularly resonates with him, as it fosters an environment of open-mindedness through lively classroom debates and strongly encourages extracurricular activities. He explains how students are constantly “provided with new opportunities.”

One example of exactly that was a three-month internship he secured at Madrid’s world-renowned Teatro Real, where he gained invaluable insights into the cultural and historical aspects of the humanities in a real-world setting. He was able to witness firsthand how such a prestigious cultural icon operates behind the scenes, from planning international tours to managing high-profile events like the Season Opening. This experience deepened his already strong appreciation for the arts and broadened his understanding of the role of humanities in the world of theater.

Alfonso José Pérez López | IEThe internship was absolutely aligned with Alfonso’s passions, as he’s on the board of AFOES—the Spanish Association of Oboists and Bassoonists—and has a degree in music performance. He actively participates in choir singing and organizing high-profile recitals to enrich his university experience, too.

Indeed he has clearly thrown himself completely into life at IE University; having received the IEU High Potential Scholarship, he’s also become a fellow of IE Foundation. What’s more, he’s currently completing an internship as a research assistant at IE School of Politics, Economics & Global Affairs.

Asked for advice to anybody considering the Dual Degree in Business Administration + International Relations, he says the program allows you to explore multifaceted avenues. He urges prospective students to “definitely go for it” to gain insight without compromising too much on depth in different subject areas.