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Andrea Mancheno

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Before coming to IE Business School, I had seven years of experience in education, having worked as an elementary and middle school teacher in the US. However, I decided I wanted to pivot my career toward human resources. That’s where IE Business School came in and why I chose to study the Master in Talent Development & Human Resources.

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Andrea Mancheno - Experience | IE Business School

“The elements of the program I've most enjoyed so far include the diverse cohort of students from over 20 different countries, the high caliber of professors and the immersive projects that allow us to apply our skills and knowledge effectively.”

Andrea Mancheno

Honing important skills for a successful career in HR

Always in search of new challenges and opportunities for growth, Andrea Mancheno took a step in her career that many would be too afraid to take—she changed industries and pivoted from education to human resources. However, for Andrea, this was just the change she needed and she hasn’t looked back since.

While it may seem like there isn’t much overlap between these two industries, Andrea has been able to carry over many of her transferable skills. For example, both roles require Andrea to understand individual needs, foster growth and development within teams, and create a supportive environment for success.

What’s more, thanks to her extensive experience in education, she has a unique understanding of the importance of communication, empathy and adaptability. Her experience in education has provided the groundwork for a successful career in human resources.

Now well into her program, Andrea is gaining even more useful insights into effective work environments. She is thoroughly enjoying every minute of the program, and says that she is gaining the knowledge and skills she needs to “foster inclusive cultures, promote diversity initiatives and implement equitable HR practices.”

Reflecting on her experience so far, Andrea highlights the diversity of her cohort. With over 20 countries represented, it’s the perfect learning environment for Andrea to improve her cross-cultural communication and approach problems from new perspectives.

She also highlights the high caliber of her professors and the immersive projects that allow her to apply her skills and knowledge effectively. These aspects have greatly enriched her learning experience and have provided valuable networking opportunities that will undoubtedly benefit her career in the long term.

The most challenging part of the program for Andrea has been learning to adapt to the fast-paced and demanding nature of the program. As a result, she has fine-tuned her time management skills, learning to balance academic responsibilities with her other commitments.

That said, Andrea recognizes how facing these challenges will prepare her for a successful career. She believes that to succeed in human resources and talent development, ambitious professionals need to have strong interpersonal communication skills, problem-solving abilities, adaptability, cultural sensitivity and strategic thinking. Andrea gets plenty of opportunities to practice these skills during her program, immersed in IE Business School’s international environment.

To anyone considering the Master in Talent Development & Human Resources, Andrea emphasizes the supportive environment of the program as one where they’ll thrive. Thanks to the diverse perspectives and practical learning opportunities, she describes the program as “a transformative experience that equips you with the necessary tools for a successful career in HR.”

Making the most of every opportunity to learn that comes her way, Andrea is certain that the program will enable her to accomplish her mission of creating “diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces,” and we can’t wait to see where her career takes her.