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Andrés Lopezlena Ernult

About me

I studied Industrial Engineering in Mexico, and I’m currently serving as a strategic pricing advisor at ExxonMobil. Throughout my career I have navigated diverse roles in sales, marketing and revenue management. Outside of work I enjoy sports and spending time with friends and family. My professional vision is to ascend to a C-suite or senior executive role, fostering sustainable and inclusive growth in every project I undertake.

shapeAndrés Lopezlena Ernult
case2Strategic Pricing Advisor at ExxonMobil
studentIE Brown Executive MBA
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"Embrace the networking opportunities and enjoy the time with your cohort. The relationships you build and the experiences you share will be invaluable."

Andrés Lopezlena Ernult

Why did you choose to pursue the IE Brown Executive MBA?

I chose the IE Brown Executive MBA for its unique blend of American and European academic excellence, combined with the opportunity to engage with a diverse group of high-impact leaders. The program's global perspective and flexible structure allow me to continue working while interacting with peers who are making a positive difference worldwide.

What were your first impressions of Madrid and IE University?

My first impressions of Madrid and IE University were overwhelmingly positive. I was particularly impressed by the advanced technology in the classrooms and the architecture of the Segovia facility and IE Tower, which I visited in my spare time. Meeting my diverse and accomplished cohort for the first time was also a highlight, enriching my experience right from the start.

How does a degree from IE Business School help you stand out from other candidates?

A degree from IE Business School is immediately recognized globally due to the institution's prestigious reputation. The program offers extensive career services and networking opportunities across various countries, helping me tailor my career path with a global perspective and stand out in competitive environments.

What key skills have you already taken away from the program that you use in your day-to-day life?

One key skill I would highlight is public speaking, which was greatly enhanced by an excellent course during our first residential period. The professor provided insightful tips and introduced public speaking techniques I had never considered before. This has significantly improved my presentation abilities and confidence during meetings with customers, enabling me to communicate more effectively and convincingly.

What advice would you give someone about to start the IE Brown Executive MBA?

Get thoroughly prepared for the residential periods to try to make extra time for other activities, and make the most of every moment. Embrace the networking opportunities and enjoy the time with your cohort. The relationships you build and the experiences you share will be invaluable.

Tell us about your role as a strategic pricing advisor at ExxonMobil.

In my current role, I’m responsible for revenue management in 35 countries in Latin America, where I focus on enhancing revenue understanding and strategizing to maximize returns. As an advisor, I view my role as crucial for driving strategic improvements that direct us toward maximizing revenue and earnings.

How is the IE Brown Executive MBA helping you continue to make an impact in the oil, gas, and energy sectors?

The program has been instrumental in my understanding of the transition from traditional oil and gas operations to more sustainable energy solutions. It challenges me to be a leader in transforming the industry towards greater environmental responsibility and innovation.

As a working professional, why did you decide to pursue higher education at this point in your career?

To stay competitive and equip myself with the necessary tools to become a high-impact leader. The quickly evolving professional landscape demands continuous learning and adaptation, and this program offers the perfect opportunity to advance my career while contributing positively to my industry and fostering a more global perspective in my approach.

Could you share a stand-out moment so far in the IE Brown Executive MBA?

During the first residential period, a particularly memorable moment occurred when I was meeting the cohort and professors. I faced challenging questions about my pride in working within an industry known for its controversial environmental impact. This experience made me critically evaluate my path and reaffirm my commitment, as a high-impact leader, to contribute positively. I realized I’m part of a generation tasked with driving significant change. Most oil and gas companies are now transitioning into energy companies, aiming for greener and more environmentally friendly solutions. I’m eager to be an integral part of this transformation, supporting and facilitating the energy transition towards more sustainable practices, aiming for a cleaner environment and a reduced carbon footprint.

As someone committed to continuous learning and collaboration, could you tell us about collaboration within the IE Brown Executive MBA?

The collaboration within the program is exceptional. Everyone is supportive and accessible, fostering a team-oriented atmosphere that enhances both personal and collective growth. The program gives significant importance to team projects and collaborative learning, which has been vital in developing deeper connections and insights.