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Elena Fernández Cuadrado

About me

I come from Mexico City, Mexico. Known for its rich history, diverse culture and dynamic urban life, the city has deeply influenced my passion for social development and environmental issues.

I would describe myself as a passionate, determined and empathetic individual. Deeply committed to making a positive impact in the world, I believe in the power of collective action to drive meaningful change. I thrive in diverse environments and enjoy collaborating with people from different backgrounds.

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"I chose IE University because of its global reputation, its innovative approach to education and its strong emphasis on diversity and internationalization."

Elena Fernández Cuadrado

Driving positive change on a global scale

Elena Fernández Cuadrado is clear about her values: she’s passionate about sustainable development, social justice and community empowerment. After gaining a bachelor’s degree in communication in her native Mexico, she first worked with a local non-governmental organization (NGO) focused on community development and environmental conservation, then took up a post as coordinator of an editorial unit in the energy and automation sector.

Elena’s academic background in communication gave her a deep understanding of the role of the media in shaping public perception and driving social change. Her first two roles after graduation helped her realize the potential of strategic communication to advance sustainable development goals and work towards a more just world. However, she soon realized she needed to branch out internationally to fulfill her ambition of creating change on a global scale.

Elena is clear about her goals: she aims “to participate in transforming the traditional economic model through collaboration, help create equitable opportunities for communities and drive systemic changes that promote environmental sustainability and social well-being.” These aspirations led her to pursue the Master in International Development.

IE University’s global reputation, innovative approach to education, and strong emphasis on diversity all fit Elena’s values perfectly. She lists the Master in International Development’s multidisciplinary curriculum, the opportunity to learn from top experts from major international organizations and the focus on real-world applications as the decisive factors for her choice. The program offers the knowledge and tools she will need to address complex development challenges and drive impactful initiatives.

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In addition to the academic benefits, the opportunity to be part of a vibrant, diverse student community played an important part in Elena’s decision to study at IE University. She was also excited by the prospect of networking with experts in the business and international development sectors and by the ample opportunities for professional growth.

Asked to describe her academic experience in the program, Elena says it has been “enriching and transformative.” She particularly appreciates the rigorous, dynamic curriculum, which combines theoretical knowledge with practical applications, as well as the highly experienced faculty, who she feels “bring diverse perspectives to the classroom.”

Elena notes that she’s had the opportunity to engage in hands-on projects, collaborate with fellow students from around the world and participate in various seminars and workshops. This experience, she feels, has broadened her horizons and strengthened her commitment to her career aspirations.

Elena’s advice to anyone considering studying the Master in Development at IE University is to fully embrace the diversity and opportunities the program offers. “Be open to learning from your peers, actively participate in discussions and projects and take advantage of the resources and support available,” she urges. Another of Elena’s tips for prospective students is to network with professionals in the field, as well as to stay committed to your passion for sustainable development. The most important factor? “Believe in your ability to make a positive impact and stay motivated throughout your journey.”