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Giorgia Ascari

About me

I was born and raised in Modena, Italy. However, I have also lived in Florence and Milan, as well as in Glasgow, Dallas and San Diego. Sports such as tennis, skiing, pentathlon and cycling have always been an integral part of my life; I also devote a significant portion of my limited free time to reading. From a very young age, I have been led by the desire to overcome national borders and connect with other cultures—which is where my passion for international development came from. I aspire to contribute to building a better world, trying to reduce inequalities and promote inclusivity and sustainability.

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Giorgia Ascari | IE School of Politics, Economics & Global Affairs

"This program is incredibly enlightening. It takes us out of our comfort zone and makes us grow more every day."

Giorgia Ascari

A truly global citizen on a mission to bring an end to inequality

Giorgia Ascari has always considered herself a citizen of the world. One of her earliest memories is of being on holiday in a foreign country and meeting another young girl who didn’t speak her language. It was the first time she witnessed a barrier in communication firsthand and how it could impede relationship-building. Fascinated and thrilled by this encounter, she knew she wanted to devote herself to connecting people around the world. As she explains, “I believe we are one people, but I know that, unfortunately, not everyone thinks like me. I want to help make sure no one is left behind.”

Giorgia had already built a successful career in online travel when she decided to return to school. This is a field where sustainability and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have become increasingly important in recent years. With this in mind—and her desire to continue on the path of personal and professional evolution—she went in search of a master’s degree program that would give her what she was looking for.

Giorgia’s goal was to join an institution with global prestige, where she could explore her interest in international development. But she also wanted a program built with the UN’s values at its core. The Executive Master in International Development at IE University ticked all the right boxes. “When I saw this program, I had no doubts and applied immediately.”

Now a student in the program, Giorgia is already reaping the benefits. She says she can feel her growth every day and is thriving on the challenges it brings. “The Executive Master in International Development takes us out of our comfort zone,” she notes. “We are continually urged to think, reflect, debate and argue.” Even though she came to the program with an impressive professional background, Giorgia says everything she’s learning is still new and stimulating.

More importantly, she sees the positive impact that the program is having on her work. “I’m transferring what I am learning at IE University to my work. Every day, I bring to the table new ideas and stimuli that I didn’t have before.” Aware that today’s customers want products and services that meet sustainability standards, Giorgia is currently helping her company’s product team realize those needs. Further, she’s also trying to find solutions that will make it easier for anyone, particularly in less fortunate markets, to access tourism—all part of her dream to make the world more inclusive.

  • Giorgia Ascari | IE School of Politics, Economics & Global Affairs
  • Giorgia Ascari | IE School of Politics, Economics & Global Affairs
  • Giorgia Ascari | IE School of Politics, Economics & Global Affairs

“I have always felt like a citizen of the world, and I have always loved connecting with people of different cultures.”

Giorgia is also benefitting from the diversity she’s found at IE University: her peers and professors have been a constant source of knowledge. But what stands out most to her is how people can come from completely different backgrounds and cultures, with different nationalities, yet they all share similar values and humanitarian traits. It makes for an open and stimulating environment, where unique perspectives can be explored surrounded by like-minded professionals.

Looking forward, as she finishes the program and beyond, Giorgia has found that her goal to improve lives has only strengthened. Her learnings—along with the new ideas and outlooks that she’s being introduced to—are further inspirations to help reduce global inequality. “With the knowledge I have gained, I’ll keep striving to find solutions so that people in every corner of the world can live more equitable lives with greater opportunities.”

Giorgia encourages any professionals with a passion for sustainability and equity to consider the Executive Master in International Development. She also points out the advantages of returning to an academic setting, even for those with extensive work experience. “Sharing school desks is decidedly different from sharing a work desk,” she states. “Going back to being a student allows you to rekindle those supportive dynamics that sometimes get lost at work.”

Above all, Giorgia draws attention to IE University’s inclusive environment, which is really at the heart of everything she strives for: “Here, there is no hierarchy; just the sharing of values and fun.”