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Laura Echeverri

About me

Originally from Medellín, Colombia, I characterize myself as a committed, persistent and hard-working individual. I’m passionate about sustainability and the responsible use of resources, and currently lead a couple of social and innovation programs at a construction company back home. My experience at IE University has been gratifying so far.. The knowledge I’ve gained in the Dual Degree Master in Management and Master in International Development has solidified my career path and allowed me to be actively involved in the IE Community through the network opportunities provided.

Master’s student
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Dual Degree Master in Management & Master in International Development
Laura Echeverri | IE School of Politics, Economics and Global Affairs

"IE University—and especially this program—have so many things to offer!"

Laura Echeverri

Two global programs for one development-focused career

Before coming to IE University, Laura Echeverri put her industrial engineering degree to good use working for a construction materials company. As part of their sustainability department, she oversaw reporting and project management for Central America and the Caribbean. 

Laura Echeverri | IE School of Politics, Economics and Global Affairs

Soon, Laura shifted her focus to Colombia and the surrounding region, where she closely collaborated with the company’s environmental division on various circular economy projects. The relationships she established with the business and environmental teams led her to apply for IE University’s Dual Degree Master in Management & Master in International Development and she hasn’t looked back since. 

When it came to choosing where to study, IE University stood out to Laura thanks to its reputation, diverse student body and abundant networking opportunities. She is a firm believer in diversity, recognizing its role in driving better outcomes and cultivating enriched learning environments that foster innovation, empathy and social cohesion.

For many years, Laura aspired to join the family business. Now, she’s climbing her way up there and currently works alongside the sustainability team as an industrial engineer. Through the dual degree program, Laura is enhancing skills she vital in her daily responsibilities and boosting her capacity to create a positive global impact through the promotion of social, economic and environmental prosperity.

“I truly believe that diversity drives better outcomes and provides a better learning environment, fostering innovation, empathy and social cohesion.”

Laura’s IE Experience has been enriched by a global network of like-minded peers and leading industry experts. Although she’s enjoying her role in the family-run company, she is still benefiting from the wealth of career resources available to her at IE University—including fairs and industry-focused events. 

She also highlights the program’s closely collaborative relationship with the United Nations System Staff College (UNSSC): “It is an enormous benefit since we get to learn about real-life situations and hear from very experienced people. Undoubtedly, this shapes our learning and professional careers.”

To prospective students of the Dual Degree Master in Management & Master in International Development, Laura’s advice is to “enjoy every step of the journey and try not to get overwhelmed.” According to her, IE University and the program have so much to offer, and she advises fellow students to identify their priorities and participate in as many events as they can. “The opportunities are immense!”