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I am half-German and half-Spanish, but before I moved to Spain for university, I had lived my whole life in Germany. I love mathematics, but I am also developing a keen interest in the world of AI. In my free time, I love sporting activities because they help me to clear my mind and stay fit. I frequently go road cycling, I swim as often as I can, and I go to the gym if there’s any time left. When I’m not playing sports, I like to hang out with my friends, either having a drink or simply going for a walk.

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Marc Nebelung Murciano | IE

"The Bachelor in Applied Mathematics is a very versatile program that opens up many doors."

Marc Nebelung Murciano

Taking his love for mathematics to the next level

First-year IE University student Marc Nebelung describes himself as a systematic and logical thinker who loves mathematics. So when he was looking for a bachelor’s program that would allow him to nurture these qualities, the Bachelor in Applied Mathematics seemed like a perfect fit. With its hands-on approach and focus on practical, real-world experiences, Marc knew that the program would help him build the skills that he would need to turn his passion into a successful career.

Now, after only a few months on the program, Marc is flourishing. The “applied” element of the program really appealed to him, because he enjoys “seeing how math is connected to real life and how it can help solve seemingly impossible problems by using numbers and formulas in a specific way.” With the importance of mathematics now recognized across many different industries, and its associated skills becoming increasingly sought-after by employers, Marc will have a wide range of career paths available to him when he enters the professional world.

Marc is enjoying the diversity of the subjects that he is studying, and he has even found a favorite in one that he would never have expected: programming. “Once I started to put in the effort, I found that I really liked it, as it follows a very systematic and logical procedure.” Not only that, the subject has sparked Marc’s interest in the world of AI, which he sees as a fascinating combination of both programming and math.

And it’s not just the diversity of the subjects that Marc appreciates. Not only is he having a new international experience, living in Segovia for the first two years of his program before spending the final two years in Madrid, he has also become part of an extensive and diverse network within the IE Community. “Everyone has a story to tell,” he says, adding that “It’s amazing how easy it is to meet new people and establish new relationships.”

Marc Nebelung Murciano | IEOutside of class, Marc always makes sure to find the time for plenty of sporting activities, which he enjoys either on his own or with his friends. He has also joined the IE German Society, and enjoys it so much that he has applied to become an officer of the club. Living abroad is exciting, but it can also be difficult at times, so for Marc, this is his way of feeling connected to home.

Marc is still finding his feet and discovering new things each day on his journey at IE University. But he has already learned a lot in a short space of time, and has some useful advice for future Bachelor in Applied Mathematics students starting out on the program: “At the beginning, try to enjoy the new and exciting student life as much as you can and try to socialize.” Not only will this help with the nerves that you’re bound to feel at first, he says, but you will probably meet people who “you will be friends with for the rest of your life.”

And on the academic side of things, Marc encourages perseverance. The program is demanding and may feel “difficult and frustrating” at first, but talking from experience, Marc can say with confidence to “Keep at it, because it will only get more interesting.”