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Mayam Mouarangue

About me

My name is Mayam Mouarangue and I’m currently enrolled in the Executive Master in International Development at IE University. As a senior operations staff member at a United Nations agency country office, I’ve always been passionate about international development and humanitarian work. This program offers me the perfect blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills to advance my career and make meaningful contributions to global development efforts.

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"The Executive Master in International Development provided a deeper understanding of the complexity of leading sustainable development agendas, strategies and tools cognizant of the real world."

Mayam Mouarangue

Building bridges in pursuit of sustainable development

Mayam Mouarangue’s decision to join the Executive Master in International Development was driven by his pursuit of excellence and dedication to international development. The program structure immediately drew him in. Mayam found the comprehensive modules intellectually stimulating and agreed they aligned perfectly with his professional goals. “I heard about IE University through its connection with my professional work in international development,” Mayam shares. The partnership between IE University and the United Nations Systems Staff College (UNSSC) was a testament to the quality education he sought, and it played a significant role in his decision.

For Mayam, the Executive Master in International Development is a stepping stone to several career paths. He sees the program pushing him from his current position in middle management to senior leadership roles within his current UN assignments or other humanitarian organizations. Additionally, he is considering working as a consultant on missions for governments and development bodies worldwide, particularly in his home country of Chad. “The program opens several professional avenues for me,” he notes. The knowledge and skills he gains will be vital for his contributions to sustainable development and humanitarian efforts on a global scale.

Studying at IE University has hugely enhanced Mayam’s professional skills, particularly in designing effective policies, and expanded his insights into development mechanisms. “The program provided a deeper understanding of the complexity of leading sustainable development agendas, strategies and tools cognizant of the real world.” One element that stands out is the emphasis on empathy while addressing global challenges. This holistic approach resonated with his passion for addressing societal challenges through the Sustainable Development Goals.

“The program opens several professional avenues for me.”

The recent residential week in New York was a pivotal moment for Mayam, where he had the opportunity to connect with industry-leading professionals and fellow students from across the globe. The interactions with faculty, UN officials and government representatives have enriched his professional network, providing valuable insights and connections that he plans to leverage in the future. Meanwhile, the supportive professors have left a lasting impression and he intends to maintain these connections as he continues with international development work.

Mayam’s plans for applying the knowledge gained from the program are twofold. First, he aims to pursue research in sustainable development, potentially leading him to an academic career. Second, he is considering consultancy or senior leadership roles in government or multilateral development programs. “I’ll just say that I won’t get bored after I complete the program. There is so much out there to do!” he exclaims. With his new skills, Mayam now has the confidence to tackle pressing issues and contribute meaningfully to global efforts.

For those considering the Executive Master in International Development at IE University, Mayam’s advice is unequivocal: “Go for it; go please.” He emphasizes the program’s ability to cultivate an understanding of the real world and develop the capacity to find real solutions. The forum sessions, which involve challenging and stimulating debates, push students to think critically and innovatively to foster sustainable development. 

Mayam’s journey at IE University shows how powerful quality education can be in creating global leaders dedicated to humanitarian efforts. His story is an inspiration for anyone looking to make a big difference in the world.