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Ramón Hevia Tuero

About me

After completing my bachelor’s degree in business administration and management at the Comillas Pontifical University-ICADE, I decided to focus my career in the world of tax consultancy. Luckily, I had the opportunity to complete the Máster en Asesoría Fiscal de Empresas (LL.M.) at IE Law School while working at PwC, an experience that has been decisive in my subsequent career.

Over the years, I have worked in law firms and companies of all different sizes, until my current position in the tax planning department at Amazon Web Services for the EMEA region—a role in which I feel incredibly comfortable and fulfilled.

Ramón Hevia Tuero
Master's Student
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Máster en Asesoría Fiscal de Empresas (LL.M.)
Ramón Hevia Tuero | IE Law School

"The case-method approach followed at IE University is a solid representation of the real-world profession. The teaching methodology reflects the reality of the workplace."

Ramón Hevia Tuero

A demanding methodology that prepares you for the real world

Ramón Hevia, a Máster en Asesoría Fiscal de Empresas (LL.M.) alum, is thrilled to return to IE Law School whenever he can. The meetings organized by the university are not only an opportunity for him to make contacts, but also the perfect excuse to return to where he called home for two years. At one of these networking events, he recalls his time at IE University and shares what he’s been up to since graduation.

Ramón joined the program through PwC, through a collaboration agreement with IE Law School. “The idea was, during the first year and part of the second, students would combine academic training with work in the office,” he explains. This mix of theoretical learning and practical training drew Ramón to the program, but he also was interested in the opportunity to “study at an institution like IE University, which has a strong reputation and unique approach to teaching.”

Combining daily responsibilities at the firm with classes was not always easy, but Ramón found the experience to be very positive. It taught him how to push himself, overcome challenges and manage important projects. He believes that the Máster en Asesoría Fiscal de Empresas (LL.M.) not only provided him with personal and professional skills, but also with resilience. 

As for his current role, Ramón highlights how similar the case method followed at IE Law School is to the daily work of the profession. In both the program and the world of work, Ramón has found that he must approach cases analytically and, whether he’s in front of a professor or a superior, knowing how to present his ideas is essential.

After completing his master's degree, Ramón has been able to work in some of the most important firms in the sector. From PwC, he made the leap to Deloitte—a company similar in size and operations—and then shifted to ECIJA Abogados, a smaller firm. But he found what he considers his place at Amazon Web Services, where he still is today.

Working in the internal tax planning department of a company like Amazon is a big change from what he had been doing up to now, so it took some time for him to adapt. However, he found his footing and is happy. “All the skills I have been learning throughout my career and during my studies at IE University have been key to being able to be comfortable with where I am,” he explains.

Ramón recommends IE Law School to any professional due to its methodology, which is clearly shaped by the world of work. He offers two key tips for future students. The first being that they take advantage of all the opportunities to travel abroad on offer. And the second being that they don’t forget everything they’ve learned once they graduate. “It's important that you try to keep this in mind throughout your professional career,” he concludes.