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Renata Antonelli

About me

I come from São Paulo, a dynamic metropolis and the financial capital of Brazil. Growing up in this vibrant city shaped my cultural perspective by exposing me to ethnic and cultural diversity. This sparked my interest in multiculturalism and exploring new opportunities in different countries. After extensive experience in the legal world, I am now excited to contribute my expertise to the legal landscape in Europe. My career goals include contributing to multilateral organizations for societal development through the effective use of technology.

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"My experience at IE Law School has been transformative, blending academic rigor, global perspectives and enriching collaborations."

Renata Antonelli

Cultivating legal excellence with a multicultural perspective

Renata Antonelli - Student Story | IE Law School

Renata Antonelli brings a dynamic mix of professional experience, commitment to legal excellence and multicultural mindset to her studies at IE Law School. Renata’s roots in São Paulo, a city known for its diverse culture, have given her a passion for understanding different cultures. Her interest in European culture grew during a cultural exchange in Dublin, lighting a spark that would later bring her to Spain to pursue a Master of Laws (LL.M.).

During her 10+ years of work experience, Renata worked as an Associate at KLA Advogados, a respected Brazilian law firm. There, she played a crucial role in handling various transactions, including international agreements and M&A due diligences. Before that, she had polished her skills at Thomson Reuters, drafting contracts and managing legal issues for Brazil and Latin America. Renata says her professional journey has allowed her to leverage her passion for negotiation, commercial contract drafting and leveraging technology while building soft skills such as effective communication, analytical thinking, leadership and empathy.

Renata's decision to pursue her master’s degree at IE Law School was influenced by the institution's commitment to a well-rounded learning process. IE Law School focuses not only on technical legal skills but also on important soft skills like communication and leadership, aligning with Renata's goal of being a global legal professional.

Renata Antonelli - Student Story | IE Law School

The holistic curriculum delivered in the Master of Laws (LL.M.), which also covers business administration topics like financial accounting, complements Renata’s aim to be a versatile legal professional in today's interconnected world. IE Law School's dedication to making positive changes through education, research and innovation matches her desire to contribute to global development, especially in the technology industry.

Commenting on her experience so far, Renata describes the program as “transformative, blending academic rigor, global perspectives and enriching collaborations.” She says the journey has rewarded her with a supportive community, diverse perspectives and challenging content that has exceeded her expectations. Renata especially values the engaging classes and meaningful interactions with professors.

Recently, she had the chance to participate in an Immersion Week at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. This experience included valuable discussions with WIPO experts on topics like climate change and sustainable growth. Renata emphasizes the essential role of intellectual property in obtaining funding, particularly for small businesses and startups. The Immersion Week provided her with a unique insight into how a global organization works and its efforts for a better world.

Renata Antonelli - Student Story | IE Law School

Renata’s advice for those thinking about pursuing a Master of Laws (LL.M.) centers on thorough preparation, gaining knowledge and being ready for cultural differences. She counsels that students should carefully research the curriculum of various universities to make informed decisions aligned with their career goals. Renata underscores the importance of understanding that the experience involves more than just academics, especially for international students. “Prospective students must recognize and prepare for the multifaceted challenges, both personal and socio-cultural, that come with studying in a foreign country.”

Finally, Renata recommends choosing an institution whose culture aligns with your personal values for a more fulfilling experience. In her case, she says, “This dynamic environment aligns seamlessly with my career aspirations, making every moment at IE Law School truly worthwhile.”