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Sergio Sempere

About me

I was born in Alcoy, a small town in Alicante, where I lived until I was fifteen. I later went to a boarding school in London and achieved the best score in the class of 2020 in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. I decided to return to my home country because I believe Spain, and specifically Madrid, is experiencing a boom in terms of opportunities for young people.

Sergio Sempere
Undergraduate student
Dual Degree in Business Administration + Laws
Sergio Sempere | IE University

"Knowing the law helps you build better strategies, and the Law degree provides you with key interpersonal skills such as negotiation skills."

Sergio Sempere

Mastering the rules of the game—from the law courts to the movies

Sergio Sempere chose IE University because of its international community and entrepreneurial spirit. He describes it as “an oasis within Madrid,” where you can enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the world alongside a state-of-the-art educational experience. Sergio was also attracted to the city’s active but easygoing culture: he always finds time to go out running in the Retiro Park or walk through the streets of Madrid.

The emphasis on practicality and its “amazing alumni community” are some other factors that Sergio feels make IE University special. What’s more, he appreciates the endless entrepreneurship activities available to students and loves attending University events focused on international relations. Sergio is also president of the Film & TV Industry Club, which he recommends to anyone interested in both the artistic and business aspects of this industry.

For Sergio, the Dual Degree in Business Administration + Laws is the ideal choice for anyone intending to start a business: “It provides a 360° business mindset and allows you to master the ‘rules of the game’.” However, the third-year student is surprised at how quickly he and his classmates have been able to apply their learning in practical situations, from helping his friends deal with their landlords or review a multitude of contracts. His internship at a top Spanish law firm, as well as participation in the LSGL Summer School — thanks to a scholarship from IE University —have also given him invaluable professional experience.

Sergio Sempere | IE UniversityAnother factor that Sergio feels differentiates IE University from the rest is the high level of support from expert faculty. He appreciates the chance to work with some of the best professionals in the world, a particularly fond memory being the Contracts class with Javier Muñoz, professor and executive chairman of PRISA Media Group. This opened Sergio’s eyes to the world of commercial law and gave him an insight into how contracts work in different jurisdictions within today’s globalized world.

Sergio has a passion for the entertainment industry, particularly film production—and the Talent & Careers department has supported him in his career goals. During his first summer at IE University, he worked for a production company in Alicante. There, he found himself handling an increasing amount of responsibility, even being featured in the credits of a music video produced for Sony Music Spain. A stint as a junior producer with a major audiovisual content creation company pushed him beyond his comfort zone when he had to find a filming team for an important political campaign with only twelve hours’ notice.

Now, Sergio is focused on his passion projects; he’s started his own TikTok entertainment program focused on street interviews to help people disconnect from their problems and laugh. “The power of entertainment to change people’s days is astonishing,” he notes.

Asked about his future plans, Sergio states that he aims to make content that people love. He feels that the Hispanic market has “a huge potential in terms of entertainment products,” and plans to try and unite Spanish-speaking countries in the same way that Anglophone countries have done. It’s an ambitious project, but one of the things Sergio has been encouraged to do at IE University is to “dream big and pursue what you are truly passionate about.”