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Veronica Tuazon

About me

My name is Veronica Tuazon, and I grew up in Upstate New York. I later moved just outside of New York City to study my bachelor's degree at Stony Brook University. I’m a global-minded, fun-loving person who is always searching for an opportunity to learn about new cultures. With a background in both geology and international development, I’m most passionate about the responsible sourcing of minerals and metals to facilitate sustainable development and the energy transition.

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"This program has turned out to be everything I wanted and more—I have always sought out international experiences, and studying in Madrid has been the opportunity of a lifetime."

Veronica Tuazon

A journey toward sustainable international development with IE University

Born and raised in Upstate New York, Veronica Tuzaon has always been passionate about geology and international development. This passion led her down a professional path that spans sectors and crosses borders. Throughout this journey, one thing has remained constant: her belief in the responsible sourcing of minerals. Veronica is driven by the idea that ethical mineral extraction is critical for the clean energy transition and sustainable development. 

Veronica’s journey to the Master in International Development at IE University started with an extensive background of studies, internships and a sector-focused role. As she started to dive deeper into her career, she realized she needed to step back into the classroom to enhance her skill set.

During her undergraduate studies, Veronica focused on geology with concentrations on mineralogy and the Earth’s mineral formation system. She has also conducted in-depth research on mineral physics and petrology, both at university and during a prestigious internship with the National Science Foundation.

As she continued to learn and grow, Veronica worked with and learned about critical minerals through an internship with the American Geosciences Institute. Here, she focused on the significant mineral demands for renewable energy, technology and defense. Verona later monitored and reported on critical minerals policy on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C., where she influenced officials and congressional lines of questioning during deliberations—she even published a report detailing the status of critical minerals policy in the United States.

Eventually, her knowledge and passion for critical minerals expanded even further when she conducted fieldwork in Madagascar, Kenya and Malaysia. While working in these biodiversity hotspots, Veronica witnessed firsthand the harmful impacts of extractive activities on local communities and ecosystems. 

Confronted with the harsh realities around her, she dealt with two conflicting truths. On one hand, mining for raw materials is absolutely essential to achieve sustainable development and well-being. Conversely, mining activity tends to be environmentally and socially detrimental. She challenged herself to face these truths and started working with the US Federal Government. Specifically, she had a Fulbright Grant from the State Department at the Environmental Protection Agency. 

“While the coursework is intense, come with an open mind and be ready to socialize—the network you build from this program, both faculty and classmates, is the most valuable takeaway.”

While Veronica enjoyed working as a civil servant, she could not resist the urge to make her own meaningful impact in the minerals sector for sustainable development. This led her to her most recent role with the International Copper Association (ICA). As the sustainable development analyst supporting over half of the world’s copper producers, Veronica organized logistics for stakeholder meetings, prepared comprehensive background research and developed briefings. She also managed sustainability projects, coordinating stakeholder initiatives and ensuring effective execution.

In many ways, Veronica’s tenure at the ICA illuminated a career path in the metals industry focused on responsible sourcing of raw materials for sustainable development and the energy transition. Yet to accomplish her professional goals, Veronica realized that she needed more than just a bachelor’s degree, which is what ultimately led her to IE University.

In Veronica’s opinion, the Master in International Development addresses all of the necessary topics to take her career to new heights. From policy, governance, sustainability and finance to trade, partnerships, stakeholder engagement, project management and multilateralism, Veronica is gaining the tools necessary to continue pursuing her passion.

Although Veroncica’s background is extensive, she believes that some of her most valuable lessons in the program have come from interacting with her cohort. As IE University brings together passionate students from around the globe, every interaction she has is unique. Veronica is inspired by the intelligent go-getters from around the globe that she feels lucky enough to learn from and interact with on a daily basis. In fact, because of the network she formed, she would urge future students to enter the program with an open mind and be ready to build an incredible community.

As the Master in International Development approaches its end, Veronica is preparing to return to the workforce, actively seeking roles involving responsible mineral sourcing. Equipped with her extensive experience and newfound knowledge, she would like to land a position with even greater responsibility and social impact.

Veronica’s journey reflects a commitment to sustainable development and clean energy, and she is a great example of a diverse, hardworking IE Community member. Her story shows that with a strong education and passion, it’s possible to drive meaningful change in the world.