Why do a Dual Degree?

With a Dual Degree, you are proactively positioning yourself to stand on the threshold of two worlds, demonstrating a capacity for multiple lines of thinking, problem solving, and framing that will help you to have a measurable impact on your ability to make a contribution in your future profession. Some advantages of doing a Dual Degree include:

Versatility and Flexibility

  • Highlight the ability to take on different projects as dual degree students are not limited to solely one field


  • Fast-track a career path in the chosen function based on management knowledge
  • Maximize the postgraduate experience by acquiring a range of managerial skills and field-specific knowledge
  • Increase salary potential based on diversified skills


  • Expand global network of diverse classmates and professors

Who is a Dual Degree for?

Dual Degrees at IE are suitable for highly motivated students that have clear career plans and want to build a stronger skill-set in a specific area while developing the leadership and management skills that will enable them to do more with their specialized knowledge.

Dual Degree in International MBA + Master in Business Analytics and Big Data

Across the business world, a data-driven revolution is emerging. While this may seem obvious, it is only recently that companies have begun to invest deeply in understanding how to capture value through Big Data and analytics. What companies need are dynamic and specialized professionals from different backgrounds such as business, engineering, technology, economics, mathematics, or applied sciences who are able to identify, collect, analyze, interpret and use data to drive value and innovation.

By completing the International MBA + Master in Business Analytics and Big DataDual Degree, students will gain general management acumen combined with the ability to extract relevant insights from data by using advanced analytics and cutting-edge technologies. Program graduates will not only drive decision-making and performance improvements across organizations, but will act as the catalysts for growth within their companies.