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Cookies policy



A cookie is a file that is downloaded onto your computer when you access certain websites. Among other things, cookies allow websites to store and recover information relating to a user’s browsing habits and equipment. Depending on the information gathered and the way in which the equipment is used, they may be used to recognise the user.

The types of cookies that we use:

Proprietary cookies: these are sent to the user’s terminal from a machine or domain managed by the website’s publisher, from which the service requested by the user is supplied.

Third-party cookies: these are sent to the user’s terminal from a machine or domain which is not managed by the website’s publisher but is instead managed by another entity that processes the data obtained using cookies.

Session cookies: this type of cookie is designed to collect and store data while the user is viewing a website.

Persistent cookies: the data collected by this type of cookie remains stored on the user’s terminal and can be accessed and processed for a specific period by the party responsible for the cookie. This period may last for minutes or years.

Technical cookies: These are cookies that allow the user to navigate around a website and make use of the various options and services.

Personalised cookies: these are cookies that allow the user to access a service with some generally pre-defined characteristics, based on a set of criteria stored in the user’s own terminal.

Analysis cookies: cookies that allow the person responsible for the cookie to follow-up and analyse the behaviour of users of the websites to which they refer.

Advertising cookies: these permit the management of the advertising spaces created by a publisher on its website, based on criteria such as the content shown on the site or the frequency with which advertisements are to be shown.

Behavioural advertising cookies: these permit the management of the advertising spaces created by a publisher on its website, storing information on user behaviour that allows for the creation of a specific profile in order to show advertising that is directed towards that profile.

You can allow, block or remove the cookies installed on your equipment using the options settings for the browser installed on your computer:

Internet Explorer

Click on “Internet Options” in the “Tools” menu and then select the “Privacy” tab. Select the desired setting and click on the advanced settings button. Activate the “Override automatic cookie handling” box. Select the “Accept” or “Block” option.


Click on “Tools > Options” in the menu bar and select the “Privacy” tab. Depending on the browser version you are using, select or deselect “Accept cookies from sites” or “Tell sites that I do not want to be tracked”. Any cookies installed can be removed by clicking on the “remove individual cookies” option.


Click on “Tools > Settings”, and then select the tab “Privacy > Content settings”. After selecting the option “Show advanced options”, select the desired cookie setting. If you do not want cookies to be installed, you may select the option “Block third-party cookies and site data”.


Click on “Tools > Preferences” and select the “Security” tab. Under the heading “Accept cookies” choose “Always” or “Never”. If you have an iPhone, you must go to “Settings > Safari” and then select whether you do or do not want to accept cookies.

We cannot guarantee that the above procedures will always match the most recent version of your browser, since they are subject to updates and modification by the browsers’ own developers.


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