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Deliveroo Spain General Manager Meets Students

Deliveroo Spain General Manager Meets Students | IE Business

Deliveroo Spain General Manager shares insights from the food delivery sector with the IE community.

Deliveroo Spain’s General Manager discussed how food delivery platforms have transformed the food service industry and shared insights about the current challenges of an increasingly crowded sector at a Q&A session held with the IE community.

During the hybrid session, students and members of the IE Business School community asked questions on topics such as: regulation in worker’s rights legislation, employee and customer satisfaction, and how companies can leverage big data.

Jesús Muñoz stressed how the advent of these platforms deeply affected the way we consume food and the way the foodservice sector interacts with their customers.

“Delivery, as we know it today, has been the biggest disruption in the foodservice sector in the last 50 years. The previous one was made at a drive-through.”

Jesús Muñoz, Deliveroo Spain’s General Manager

The discussion allowed students to gain otherwise inaccessible knowledge from an increasingly trendy sector.

“It is great to hear an honest opinion from someone deep inside the sector. It is a really good resource for IE students because this brings us closer to knowledge that you would not normally learn through google or traditional means,” noted one of the attendees.

Muñoz spoke about how brand salience and differentiation are the biggest challenges that delivery services must overcome to ensure long-term success.

“We are creating mercenaries. The majority of customers are only driven by prices and that transforms you into a commodity,” said Muñoz. “It should not be about money; it should be about the service, about the product and of course about who do I want to have in my phone and who I want my friends to see in my phone.”

Anastasia Fedororva, president of the Technology and Innovation club, said students can benefit from discussions like this.

“Here at the club we attempt to help students and the community to create meaningful connections with the directors and CEOs of the world’s leading companies,” said Fedororva. “It is a great honor and a fantastic learning opportunity for us to hear from Muñoz.”