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LinkedIn Live: From Spanish Rust-belt to Tokyo

LinkedIn Live: From Spanish Rust-belt to Tokyo

Biotech and Renewable Energy Entrepreneurial Success Story.

IE Business School invited David Yeregui Marcos del Blanco, partner at Dream Project Incubators and IE Adjunct Professor, to a LinkedIn Live event to speak about his successful serial entrepreneurial journey and how he made it big in Biotech and renewable energy in the Southeast Asian market.

Hosted by Paris De L’Etraz , IE head of Entrepreneurship and Managing Director of the Venture Lab IE Venture Lab, the event focused on the lessons and struggles he faced throughout his entrepreneurial journey.

The speaker shared his entrepreneurial journey of a young man from Leon, Spain who ends up learning Japanese, finds incredible partners to exit in a very big sale of a biotechnology group and then becomes an investor in his own right. He now invests in renewable energy in Southeast Asia and Asia.

“Don’t take things personally and don’t take rejection personally, the world is not all about you and the people you are around have other motivations.”
David Yeregui Marcos del Blanco

When asked about how important luck is in life, Yeregui explained his approach is to be ready.

“I know IE is a world level institution, so all students there don’t lack talent or capacity. Now you need consistency. You need to be consistent when things don’t go as you want at the time you want,”he told the audience.

The event was followed by questions from the audience like how to deal with investors believing in a young investor. His advice? Don’t stand alone, have a good team.

“It is better to have a good balanced team and at least a person of that team has some experience which is what investors like, having someone with experience,” said Yeregui.

Watch the full session here.