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Contributing to the excellence of tomorrows lawyers


In an event hosted by IE University and IE Law School, partners of the most prestigious international law firms got together with the awarded LLB students, who expressed their gratitude for the opportunities provided to them by the Law Scholarship Program.

Seven of the most prestigious international law firms have shown their solid support and commitment to our LL.B. programs by granting individual scholarships to students with excellent academic records and extracurricular involvement.

The Law Scholarship Program offers diverse scholarships based on different qualities and for different students. The scholarships are designed for students who demonstrate academic excellence, diversity, entrepreneurial spirit, strong work ethics, and curiosity in humanities. “Without any question students at IE standout for their international background, the international experience, and their curiosity. The thesis presented by IE students were unexpected, and showed the ability they have to bring together different legal concepts from different jurisdictions, which is very much what we look for“, said Juan Manual de Remedios, Executive partner of White & Case.

These collaborations give students the opportunity to carry out internships and work with a mentor at firms, enriching their professional learning experience and expanding their legal network.

IE Law School represents best the concept of global law school and global legal knowledge.

The Law Scholarship Program provides exceptional students coming from different countries a fantastic opportunity. Maria Liddiard, an LLB student from UK and France, is a perfect example. “There is no way I would have been here without the scholarship. I am lucky enough to be on a unique and exciting degree with the LPC Joint, with the possibility to get qualified in two jurisdictions, which is difficult to find anywhere else. But, the thing that is most amazing about IE is the people, every single day I wake up super grateful to be here and to have this opportunity. Thank you Cuatrecasas”, expressed Maria in a moving presentation where she thanked Cuatrecasas for conceding her the Cuatrevasas Goncalves Pereira Scholarship for Innovative Lawyers, which promotes innovation as an important value in students so that when they join the professional world, they are ready to provide that added value that organizations and clients demand of them in the XXI century.

Carmen’s story is similar: she lived in Germany her entire life and wanted to get back in touch with her Spanish roots and study in Spain. “IE provided me the perfect combination of being in my country while enjoying the network and international environment. Having this amazing experience was possible thanks to the Rodrigo Uría Scholarship”, expressed Carmen Muñoz, recipient of the Rodrigo Uría Scholarship for Lawyering and Humanities, which awards curious students who are passionate about humanities.


“I am thankful to all the law firms investing in talent”

Aida Fernandez, who earned the Latham Watkins scholarship for Entrepreneurial Lawyering, also expressed her gratitude. “Education is the most transcendent gift one can give and these scholarships truly allow us to have a foot in the door of the future. Today, being a lawyer is not like being an island, and we are very aware of the community we want to be a part of and this scholarship allows us to have a sense of belonging and a sense of support… and for that, I am truly grateful”, said Aida.

White & Case has also shown great commitment and support to our LLB students granting a scholarship to study a masters degree at IE to the student that delivers the best final law thesis. Daniel Anderssen, our Dual LLB and LLM alumni from Venezuela, is the recipient of this award and emphasized on the impact this award had at a personal and professional level. “It helps you validate that image you have of yourself as a lawyer when such a prestigious law firm gives you an award. I am very thankful to not only White & Case, but also to all the law firms investing in talent. In fact, it is through White & Case that I was able to pay for the Master, so I wouldn´t be practicing law in Spain right now if it wasn’t for this scholarship”.

“Diversity enriches us”

At IE Law School we value diversity and the Clifford Chance Scholarship for Diversity aims to award students who, besides a diverse background, have a series of competencies and interests including a calling to international work, multidisciplinary interests, and healthy ambitions. The recipient of this award, Silvia Fizz, said that the diversity we have at IE, with students from different countries and studying in different jurisdictions, allows them to gain knowledge of the different legal markets.

PwC is a close partner of IE Law School. The “Big four”, with whom we have an LLM Corporate program, has extended their commitment to talent to our LLB students, reflecting the firms’ intention to contribute to the excellence of the “lawyers of tomorrow”. Layan Alsayeh is the recipient of the PwC Scholarship for Global Lawyering, which aims to incorporate young talents, who value the opportunity to work in the fields of legal and tax advice, to PWC multidisciplinary teams.

To close the students’ presentations, Ricardo Ruiz Gómez, recipient for the Pérez-Llorca Scholarship for the Excellence in Law Practice, said that the scholarship is a stimulus that brings the best out of themselves. “I hope that this relationship between universities and law firms continues to grow”, he concluded.




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