Headspring, a joint venture of the Financial Times and IE Business School, is delighted to have the opportunity to discuss the fifth edition of the “Leaders of Tomorrow” program with Santander Private Banking. The  program will be delivered 100% online during four days: 28th, 29th, 30th of June, and 1st of July 2021

The main objective of this learning initiative is to develop the skills and management capabilities required by the second generation of Santander Private Banking clients to meet the many and varied challenges they face today and in the future.

Headspring welcomes the opportunity to partner with  Santander Private Banking by creating this high-level proposal which is an initial, flexible draft and serves as a  basis for discussion in order to determine the program that best fits with the objectives of SPB.


  • Analyze the challenges associated with the management of a family business.
  • Develop participants’ skills in financial decision-making under the criteria of efficiency and profitability.
  • Convey the importance of adopting an entrepreneurial mindset in any professional field.
  • Offer a practical vision of innovation and its relationship with the business world.
  • Provide relevant concepts and key references, relating to the world of new technologies from a business point of view.


Day 1 – Who we are. Creative & Networking Session + Elevator Pitch led by Prof. Matt Boardman- communications and elevator pitch coach

Day 2- Leading Families in Business led by Prof. Cristina Cruz – Professor of Entrepreneurship & Family Business at IE Business School

Day 3- Innovation and Tech led by Ricardo Pérez- Professor of Information Systems and Strategic Management at IE Business School

Day 4- What´s happening in the World& Virtual Choir led by  Michael Stott, FT Journalist