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Programs in Finance, Economics & Trade


The traditional pillars of finance, economics and trade have been transformed by globalization. Technology and innovation are increasingly relevant in economic infrastructures, and new dynamics and global socioeconomic phenomena are rewriting the rules of ethical conduct across sectors.

Today's professionals need a deep understanding of the modern complexities of globalized markets, trade and society at large. That is why we have created our programs in Finance, Economics & Trade which:

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    Are curious and rigorous, seeking to solve complex challenges through their analytical skills and strategic mindset.


    A highly competitive environment where their quantitative, financial and economic skills develop to the next level.


    A driving force in the financial and economic sector with opportunities across the industry that will enable placement in top organizations

Why is this the right choice for you
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    World-class faculty with financial expertise

    Practitioners, executives and owners who are active across several sectors ranging from debt capital to investment banking, private equity, real estate and fintech in the largest players of the finance industry, such as Ignacio de la Torre, who is one of the leading financial experts in Europe that has been an investment banker over 20 years and was one of the first to see the turnaround in Spain's economy.

    These programs also have PhD holders with strong academic and research experience coming from universities such as Princeton, MIT or Yale, among others.

  • 02.

    Develop skills for the economic landscape

    Gain practical skills built in the Bloomberg terminal or the Trading Room, study groups, simulations and real-life cases. Access new skills or polish those you already have with programming classes in R and Python, as well as different types of modeling.

  • 03.

    Industry-specific mathematical training

    Strengthen your numerical, analytical and quantitative skills during classes such as statistics, econometrics, financial analysis and reporting, corporate and quantitative finance and valuation, among others.

  • 04.

    Exchanges around the world

    Global opportunities await to help you expand your knowledge, experience and perspective. Our partner programs bring students to financial hotspots such as London Business School, Frankfurt School of Finance, New York, and Ghana.

  • 05.

    Join Top Professional Networks

    Network outside of your immediate program via student clubs: Women in Business or Finance and Capital Markets Club organize several events that could give you access to content, a specialized network and even future professional opportunities.

  • 06.

    International upward mobility within your career

    With a high ROI based on career progression and mobility into the main financial and economic hubs around the world, you can experience global career mobility in any sector you choose.

Reach your potential through our programs

Our academic programs at bachelor, master, and executive education levels prepare students to succeed in the fast-paced industry of finance and economics.

Ranging from courses in trade to finance and economics, these technology and data-driven courses will help you acquire the financial and managerial skill set to become a key strategic player in any organization’s transformation initiatives.



Finance student of IE

Where we'll take you

The field of Finance, Economics and Trade has never been static, but the pace of change is faster than ever. The good news is there are plenty of opportunities to develop and grow across the range of functions, from management roles to roles requiring highly specialized technical skills.

Whether you see yourself working in a corporate scenario or a multinational agency, today’s job market offers you focus areas within finance, economics and trade to explore, such as business, finance and leadership. Whether your career in finance, economics and trade leads you to international development agencies, multinational organizations, governments and NGOs, big tech, or startups—your options are as extensive as your ambition.

A Glimpse into who you could become...

  • Salena's story

  • Fabio's story


Salena: Vice President at global bank

Salena Lee, now working in a real estate role in investment banking, tells us how studying at IE University enabled her to improve her technical skills. She was impressed by the specialized classes and the fact that teaching staff are still "plugged in" to current market trends. Salena serves as a Vice President at a global bank in Madrid, Spain.


Fabio: Securitisation Associate

Originally from Spain, Fabio Estévez studied the Master's in Finance at IE University. He is currently working as a Securitization Associate at Macquarie Group in Europe's Financial Center: London. Fabio describes his current job and responsibilities, highlighting how IE University played a crucial role in helping him pursue his dream career.


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    Throughout your program at IE, you will be coached by experts from the IE Talent & Careers department on a variety of topics. These will be highly technical sessions related to how to prepare an effective CV, writing a cover letter, networking effectively and how to achieve your professional goals.

    You will also be advised on the resources available for students through the IE Talent & Careers department, as well as liaise with external industry professionals in events such as the Talent Forum and have access to an international job portal.


    In this pathway, you'll connect with CFA and CAIA, travel to global financial hubs like New York and Europe's financial center, London, engage with over 190 leading recruiters at the IE University campus, and receive personalized advice from experienced leaders through our mentoring program.


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With three locations in Madrid and Segovia, our campuses are a blend of cultures, welcoming over 7,000 students from more than 140 countries every year. 

Our campuses in Madrid, IE Tower and Maria de Molina, provide you numerous opportunities to network with multinationals in one of the world’s leading financial hubs. At the Segovia campus, history and tradition meet innovation with our state-of-the-art classrooms. 

No matter which campus you choose, you will be surrounded by a diverse range of peers, professors and perspectives that will enhance your learning experience


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