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Programs in Leadership & Talent Development


Technology undoubtedly has an impact on today's world, but real transformation comes from human decision. Being able to lead and make these human decisions into better aligned objectives for an organization is key to tomorrow's success.

By facing the challenges of today’s competitive landscape with human-centred strategies and emotionally resonant leadership styles, a new generation of professionals can inspire others to reach their full potential.

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Strongly believe that making a positive impact on people will foster a more successful business world and better outcomes for society.


a transformational journey that will develop and train them to excel in roles leading to organizational change.


Change makers in organizations making data-driven decisions while being able to impact people and inspire groups from all walks of life through powerful strategies and storytelling. and a leader with impact.

Why is this the right choice for you

Optimize human potential with technology

Transform the workplace by finding harmony between emergent technology, communication and people skills. In the end, you'll have the skills to become a leader in business with purpose.


Prioritize exploration

Maximize the learning by doing approach to explore and discover new ways to cultivate people skills based on your chosen career path. Develop an entrepreneurial mindset as well to lead effectively.


Cross-sector applications

Our programs will train you to empower teams of creative thinkers from any industry. No matter the direction you go, you will gain an innovative mindset and critical thinking skills you can apply in any future career.


Transformational learning

Through our highly experiential approach to impact skills learning, both cognitive and behavioral, you will learn by doing. By embedding impact skills in business curriculum via projects, teamwork, presentations and more, you will gain a growth mindset that gets results in a complex business ecosystem.


Professional network

You will be enriched with the opportunity to be surrounded by dynamic minds of fellow students, faculty, and collaborating organizations. For example, David Suarez, one of our leading faculty in the area of strategy, has a background in consulting, 25 years of experience and is a valued partner with PwC.

Reach your potential through our programs

Our diverse range of bachelors, masters, MBAs and Executive MBAs are designed to help you develop strategic decision-making skills, as well as transversal and creative development strategies to help you succeed. Our academic programs at bachelor, master, and executive education levels prepare students to succeed in the fast-paced industry of finance and economics. 

Ranging from courses in trade to finance and economics, these technology and data-driven courses will help you acquire the financial and managerial skill set to become a key strategic player in any organization’s transformation initiatives.



Where we'll take you

As part of your transformational journey at IE University, your career success is our priority, and we will take you towards the path of exploration. Professional clubs, qualified advising and company networking are just a few of the reasons why your career development is at the center of everything we do. The field of Leadership & Talent Development has never been static, but the pace of change is faster than ever. The good news is there are plenty of opportunities to develop and grow across the range of functions, from management roles to roles requiring highly specialized technical skills. 

Whether you see yourself working in a corporate scenario or a multinational agency, today’s job market offers you focus areas within finance, economics and trade to explore, such as business, finance and leadership. Whether your career in finance, economics and trade leads you to international development agencies, multinational organizations, governments and NGOs, big tech, or startups—your options are as extensive as your ambition.

A Glimpse into who you could become...

Martina Cubric

Lizbeth Hernández

Casimiro Juanes

The Executive MBA Experience: what to expect


Martina: Bachelor in Behavior & Social Sciences student

Martina Cubric describes how her love of team sports led to her interest in human behavior, and how the Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences has enabled her to help people become the best that they can be.  


Lizbeth: Employee Support Specialist at Apple

Lizbeth Hernández, Master in Talent Development & Human Resources alum, talks about what makes IE University so special, why she values the diversity of her cohort and how the program has given her the networking and interpersonal skills for a career success.


Casimiro: Head of Learning and Development Ericsson

Casimiro Juanes, Head of Learning and Development at Ericsson, describes how he grew his global network and transformed his career within the company after studying the Global Executive MBA.


A conversation with our Executive MBA Alumni

Six of our Executive MBA alumni share their experience at IE University, the impact the Executive MBA has had on their lives, what students can expect from the program and the possibilities that the program can offer you, both personally and professionally.

Launch your professional trajectory at...

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Career services adapted to your profile

Our multinational Talent & Careers team is committed to our community and provides opportunities for your professional development. With more than 60 professionals representing ten industries in over 30 offices on all continents, we offer personalized career advice and guidance to kickstart your professional future, organize dozens of events and forums to connect you with world-leading employers. 

Through these initiatives, hundreds of companies visit IE University annually, offering students thousands of new opportunities. In addition, you can enjoy the support from our 60k alumni database and have the opportunity to join more than 150 university-sponsored clubs. We make these resources available to you, but your experience depends on how you take advantage of them.


Throughout your program at IE, you will be coached by experts from the IE Talent & Careers department on a variety of topics. These will be highly technical sessions related to how to prepare an effective CV, writing a cover letter, networking effectively and how to achieve your professional goals. 

You will also be advised on the resources available for students through the IE Talent & Careers department, as well as liaise with external industry professionals in events such as the Talent Forum and have access to an international job portal.


Depending on the program you choose within this career pathway, you can access exchanges, international experiences like the Global Immersion Week or Speaker Series where top experts in the field come to the classroom to share their professional journeys. 

You will also have access to career coaches and high-end training in career management from executive search partners. You will also have access to participate in over 150 student-led clubs or even start your own. Within this pathway, you will have the opportunity to have contact with CFA and CAIA, the ability to travel to the world’s main financial hubs such as New York and London, access to more than 190 top recruiters who visit the IE University campus, and benefit from the personalized advice from experienced leaders through our mentoring program.


If you're ready to start shaping your future, your journey starts here.

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Investing in education is like buying property: IE University property. It’s a time to experiment and experience new things. To make the best investment, explore in depth the multiple bachelor’s, master’s and executive programs available.

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You have decided on two program options. Amazing! Choosing your program is the foundation of your property, and the application process is the frame. Building a solid frame is an essential step in your IE University journey. Good luck!

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It’s time to build your IE University property’s walls and ceilings. Next step: financing. Whether you build the walls yourself with savings or someone else helps you via loans, scholarships or family support, securing this plan is a must!

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Your IE University property is safe, it’s time to get water and electricity. This includes things like choosing where to live, getting your visa and learning Spanish (a must!). Our Student Services team is happy to help you set all this up!

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You are now living at your brand-new IE University property. What’s your plan? Campus Life brings LIFE to your IE Experience. Join clubs, network, practice your professional skills or develop new talents. The options are limitless! 

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IE Talent &

It’s not all fun and games at your IE University property. You have to continue to improve your property. Work with our career advisors, network with recruiters, attend job fairs and more to future-proof your career development. 

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Maintenance is key for a solid IE University property. This assures the value of your investment and allows for new development. Joining our global IE Alumni Community unlocks a world of opportunities thanks to our Alumni Services. 

Our Campus Experience

With three locations in Madrid and Segovia, our campuses are a blend of cultures, welcoming over 7,000 students from more than 140 countries every year. 

Our campuses in Madrid, IE Tower and Maria de Molina, provide you numerous opportunities to network with multinationals in one of the world’s leading financial hubs. At the Segovia campus, history and tradition meet innovation with our state-of-the-art classrooms. 

No matter which campus you choose, you will be surrounded by a diverse range of peers, professors and perspectives that will enhance your learning experience


Staying at the cutting edge is central to our ethos at IE University. IE Insights offers inside knowledge from industry experts, including their thought-leading opinions and analyses on the topics that matter now and will matter tomorrow.

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