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Technology & Data is about creating an ideal, anticipating the next step, going beyond the norm and reaching people in unique ways. This is a growing industry, and it's changing fast. Exciting new career opportunities are opening up and world-leading employers are looking for people whose skills and knowledge are ahead of the curve.

That is why we have created our programs in Technology & Data which:

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    Are ambitious techies, eager to transform the sector through data science, AI, machine learning, blockchain and robotics.


    A way to expand their skills through a hands-on approach and learn in collaboration with top tech companies in the field, including Amazon, Google and Microsoft, among others.


    An innovative out-the-box thinker that can leverage data-driven decision-making to drive business success through digital transformation.

Why is this the right choice for you
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    Experience the latest tech

    Between case studies and live projects, you'll be working hands-on with the latest tech to boost your expertise and give you applicable experience. In turn, you'll be ready to enter the fast-paced and varied tech world.

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    Tech-pioneer instructors

    These programs are led by sector experts, providing unrivaled insights into past, current, and future trends. Such a range of perspectives will prepare you to take an active role in the digital revolution.

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    Leadership skills

    This is where you gain the soft skills to go with hard technical training and develop your leadership skills. No matter what type of leader you become, you'll have the tech mastery to lead many different types of organizations and teams.

  • 04.

    Align business and technology

    Break down barriers between traditional disciplines of technology and business. You'll have ample opportunity e to apply your new skills with top corporate partners throughout your program.

  • 05.

    Real-world skills

    From data science to artificial intelligence, you'll be building skills and knowledge in computer sciences and data analytics. In the end, not only will you be able to lead dynamic teams, but you'll also ensure the modernity of your organization.

  • 06.

    Innovative learning methods

    At the core of these programs are innovative methodologies to prepare you for the future. You'll work on real-life case studies, participate in practical workshops, run simulations, join datathons and more.

Reach your potential through our programs

Our range of bachelor's, master's, dual degree and executive education programs are designed to place the whole world of technology and data at your feet. Ranging from software engineering, data science and robotics to digital strategy, business analysis and market research, we've got you covered across a broad range of sectors.



Where we'll take you

Technology and data roles have increased across industries and, given the amount of brands, it is important to be data-driven and grab people’s attention. There are plenty of opportunities to develop and grow across a range of functions, from management roles to those requiring highly specialized technical skills. 

Whether you see yourself working in a corporate scenario or a startup, today’s job market offers you five main focus areas within technology and data to explore: data science, artificial intelligence, tech and ethics, internet of things and tech of tomorrow. The role of the consumer is more powerful than ever, and whether your career in technology and data leads you to tech giants, startups, web services companies, finance, retail or healthcare—your options are as extensive as your ambition.

A Glimpse into who you could become...

  • Alejandro's Story

  • Oxana's Story

  • Drew's Story

  • Tamar's Story


Alejandro: Data & AI Specialist

As a Cloud Solution specialist at Microsoft, Alejandro values the competencies the International MBA and Master in Business Analytics and Big Data gave him from a business and data perspective, and the opportunities presented by IE University to build an international and diverse community to boost his professional and personal life.


Oxana: Financial Analyst and Data Expert

Oxana is a financial analyst who decided to revamp her career by becoming an agile and creative tech professional through the Master in Business Analytics and Big Data. She is now able to overcome the challenges of rapid change by leveraging technologies such as data science, AI, machine learning, blockchain, and robotics.


Drew: Master in Computer Science and Business Technology student

As a Master in Computer Science and Business Technology alum, Drew shares how the program enabled him to blend a business background with technical knowledge. IE University enabled him to further develop his interpersonal skills and communicate with individuals from different backgrounds. The holistic approach of the program also enabled him to prepare successfully for his professional career.  


Tamar: Bachelor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Student

Tamar Alphaidze, who trained as a musician, now applies her knowledge of musical structures to the discipline of coding as a student in the Bachelor in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence at IE University. Thanks to the program's scientific and creative approach to solving real-world problems, Tamar has the skills to design, create and implement today's digital technology. Her skills will be in high demand in any sector.

Launch your professional trajectory at...

Many students from these programs have gone on to work in a variety of positions at some of the most influential companies and organizations in this area

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Our Talent & Careers team is committed to our community and provides many opportunities for your professional development. From personalized career advice and guidance to kickstart your professional future, organizing dozens of helpful events and forums, to developing close collaborations with world-leading employers, we are dedicated to connecting you to the real industry and helping you boost your career. 

Through these initiatives, hundreds of companies visit IE University each year, presenting thousands of new opportunities to IE University students. The Talent & Careers team in Technology & Data makes these resources available to you, but your experience depends on how you take on these opportunities.


    Throughout your program at IE, you will be coached by experts from the IE Talent & Careers department on a variety of topics. These will be highly technical sessions related to how to prepare an effective CV, writing a cover letter, networking effectively and how to achieve your professional goals. 

    You will also be advised on the resources available for students through the IE Talent & Careers department, as well as liaise with external industry professionals in events such as the Talent Forum and have access to an international job portal.


    Depending on the program within this career pathway, you can access exchanges, international experiences like the Global Immersion Week and specific certifications with AWS, Microsoft, Oracle, Google Cloud or IBM. You will also have access to over 150 student-led clubs, such as the Big Data Club, or even start your own.


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You are now living at your brand-new IE University property. What’s your plan? Campus Life brings LIFE to your IE Experience. Join clubs, network, practice your professional skills or develop new talents. The options are limitless! 

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Maintenance is key for a solid IE University property. This assures the value of your investment and allows for new development. Joining our global IE Alumni Community unlocks a world of opportunities thanks to our Alumni Services. 

Our Campus Experience

With three locations in Madrid and Segovia, our campuses are a blend of cultures, welcoming over 7,000 students from more than 140 countries every year. 

Our campuses in Madrid, IE Tower and Maria de Molina, provide you numerous opportunities to network with multinationals in one of the world’s leading financial hubs. At the Segovia campus, history and tradition meet innovation with our state-of-the-art classrooms. 

No matter which campus you choose, you will be surrounded by a diverse range of peers, professors and perspectives that will enhance your learning experience


Staying at the cutting edge is central to our ethos at IE University. IE Insights offers inside knowledge from industry experts, including their thought-leading opinions and analyses on the topics that matter now and will matter tomorrow.

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