Center for Sustainable Cities

Center for Sustainability Cities
Cities are ecosystems, as rainforests are.
They are the result of a continuous flow of production (energy, materials, people) and return (waste, services, conflicts).

The Center for Sustainable Cities aims the convergence of disciplines and knowledges associated to the city, to build the Whole City Ecosystem. In this context, it is critical to understand its behavior, in order to evaluate the real impact, in terms of sustainability, of any action or event. The Center for Sustainable Cities embraces the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and seeks to further their implementation through research, education and outreach.

What we do:

  1. Analyze and evaluate the balance between production and return of Cities Ecosystem.
  2. Connect and link the four environments of Cities Ecosystem: natural, social, built and digital.
  3. Impact evaluation, in terms of sustainability, of any project or action.

About us

The Center for Sustainable Cities highlights the commitment of our community to good and responsible city-making. It will do so focusing on climate change and the role of cities, in order to assess current and future risks, make choices and propose new ideas that enhance resilience. The Center will also provide a space (physical and virtual) where different agents involved in the process: government, the private sector, non-governmental organizations, the community, and academia can come together in the search for collaborative answers.

The world’s cities are growing fast: within 30 years, 70% of the global population will live in cities, a shift that is already having a huge impact on developing countries, where 95% of all urban growth is taking place. At the same time, climate change poses serious threats to urban infrastructure, quality of life, and other urban systems, in both developing and rich countries.  Recognizing the seriousness of the current situation, the United Nations, has defined 17 Sustainable Development Goals that address the challenges that we face globally, with a specific focus on climate change and environmental protection.

These goals are interconnected and can help to create a roadmap for any educational institution. The Center for Sustainable Cities at IE School of Architecture and Design will  use the city (both as “cities” in general and using specific examples) as we seek to  address how to insure sustainable, livable cities for the future.  As an educational institution we have a responsibility to train future leaders who will have to shape a more humane world and to create and disseminate knowledge.