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Center for Sustainability Cities

The Center for Sustainable Cities is continuously promoting the education about Cities and Sustainability with different types of programs from short‐term to long‐term courses:

Bachelor in Urban Studies

The rapid exponential growth and transformation of cities and their citizens brings great challenges at a social and environmental level, and a consequent increase in the complexity of the urban environment. Many professionals converge in the city, but paradoxically, there is no specific discipline that addresses the urban phenomenon from a holistic point of view. The Bachelor in Urban Studies aims to train professionals capable of understanding and responding to the urban phenomenon, through an interdisciplinary approach to knowledge about the city.

IE School of Architecture & Design offers training in Urban Studies, understood in a more holistic way, with the citizen and the environment at the center, and integrating technology and innovation. Specialization comes at a stage after the degree, either through an academic specialization in a master or through professional practice itself.

The Interdisciplinary Module is the backbone of the Degree. It represents the place where the integration of subjects, the teaching of projects and creativity happens. The interdisciplinary integration is carried out at the City Laboratory, through a specific teaching coordination and methodology between subjects, classified according to the three environments that structure a city: the natural, social and built environment.



The Center for Sustainable Cities offers courses in different academic programs from Bachelor to Master, as the course “You’re running for mayor” at the Bachelor in Business Administration or “City‐Context” at the Master in Real Estate.


Learning Pack

Currently, the Center for Sustainable Cities is working on a video series called “Urban Ideas that Changed the World”.