Do I need to come to Madrid to do the formal interview?

No, we are an international school and there is no need for you to come to Madrid. If you are able to come we would be more than happy to welcome you on campus but it is not mandatory. Also, our Madrid team will likely follow up via Skype.


Do I need to physically mail my documents to the IE Admissions Office in Madrid?

No, you can scan all your documents and submit them with your online application. The only two documents we will need to verify will be the originals of your Bachelor Degree Transcript and Diploma. These can be verified at your local office or upon your arrival to Madrid at our Admissions Department on Calle Maria de Molina 13.


How long is my admission valid for? Is my admission to the master programs valid only for the intake I’m applying to?

Your admission will be valid for 2 intakes: the intake you apply to and the following. Please take into account that places are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis, therefore meeting your Place Reservation deadline is highly recommended in order to ensure a seat in your preferred intake.


How long will the Admissions Committee need to review my application?

Once you submit your online application, we should be getting back to you in less than a week after a first revision. We will let you know if any documents are pending or we will be inviting you to a formal interview. Once the interview is completed and all your documentation is submitted the Admissions Committee will get back to you with a final decision between 1-3 weeks.


If I am admitted to one of the master programs, what’s the difference between Conditional Admission and Admission Granted?

The only difference between is that if you are given Conditional Admission it means we still need to verify your original diploma and Bachelor’s Degree Transcript.


If I’m not granted admission can I reapply for the following intake? Do I get feedback about my denied application?

If the Admissions Committee feels you do not meet the profile we are looking for, then you will directly be denied admission to the program. Should this occur, you will only be eligible to reapply after 2 years have elapsed. No, at IE we do not give specific feedback about your non-admission, due to the large number of applications we receive.


What part of the application is most important? What should I focus on?

The entire application is important and we will review it in detail, therefore we recommend that you pay close attention to the application form and all documents. In particular we look at your career development, international exposure, motivation to do the program, interpersonal skills, academic performance and your English abilities.


When is the deadline to apply to the master programs?

We have a rolling admissions process, so there are no application deadlines. However, given the limited number of places in the program and the time needed for visas and securing financing, it is highly recommended that you apply approximately one year to six months prior to program commencement.

Financial Aid

Can I apply for Financial Aid even if I have already been granted an external scholarship?

Of course! Financial Aid is just one part of your financing plan and everyone should apply for it.

Financial Aid

Is the Financial Aid committee decision the same as the Admissions Committee decision?

No, the criteria of both committees are different. IE awards tuition funding assistance based on merit, distinctive competencies and academic excellence.

Financial Aid

Is there a deadline to apply for scholarships?

Just like our admissions process, there is no specific deadline to apply, but there will be early application deadlines for specific scholarships. Keep in mind that there are a limited number of funds available for each scholarships. We recommend that apply around 6 months in advance if you think you’ll need financial assistance for the best chance at securing funds.

Financial Aid

Is there a limit to the financial aid amount granted?

Yes, the maximum amount of scholarship/fellowship will be 50% of total tuition fees. However, we recommend that students who need substantial financing seek a combination of IE Financial Aid, external scholarships, and loans.

Financial Aid

Is there a maximum number of scholarships I can apply for?

Yes, you can apply to a maximum of 3 scholarships, or 2 scholarships and 1 fellowship.

Financial Aid

What documents do I need to submit for my financial aid application form?

Every scholarship has its own requirements. The best option is to use the search tool in the Financial Aid website and choose those scholarships that are more suited to your profile. Once you have chosen them you can find out the specific requirements of each one.

Financial Aid

When can I apply for a scholarship?

You can start your online Financial Aid application as soon as you start your admissions process. You can also submit both applications at the same time, but you will not receive a final decision from Financial Aid until you are granted admission.


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