The Entrepreneurship track will heighten the entrepreneurial spirit of the students. Upon its completion, participants should be able to recognize the fundamental features of the entrepreneurial mindset, behaviors and skills, and understand the central role of creativity and observation in identifying and developing entrepreneurial opportunities either as standalone businesses, social enterprises, or as part of a larger corporation. Additionally, the participants will learn how to execute the business model of an entrepreneurial venture, manage its growth, and deal with investors and legal issues.

Innovation Process Design Thinking & Entrepreneurship

Andrew McCarthy

Learn to harness your creativity and ability to connect with people to discover opportunities and generate solutions allowing a viable company to make a profound impact in people’s lives. You will walk away with a mindset, process, and practical tools which will jumpstart your innovation process and set you on the right track to understand your customer and take immediate action!



This workshop focuses on creating venture opportunities. Participants will work in project teams. Each student will be asked to bring to the workshop one potential opportunity that reflects a problem or customer need waiting to be met, and a possible solution to address this need. During the workshop, each team will then analyze and brainstorm its members’ ideas. The outcomes of the workshop (opportunity summary) will feed into next day’s Business Model workshop. The second day will be focused on developing a business model to make the opportunity sustainable in time. The participant will work with business model tools to better represent their opportunities, eliminate risks and build a scalable solution.

Business Model Workshop

Daniel Soriano

This workshop focuses on developing a business model. Once again, participants will work in project teams and each team will be asked to bring their opportunity summary. During the workshop, each team will have the chance to analyze and refine the business model, and also build a minimum viable product. The outcomes of the workshop will help to guide the further development of the team’s presentation which will be delivered next week.



Through these sessions, the students will learn to create a system to understand their customers and to plan a commercial prototype in the sales cycle using tools that help them generate solid arguments. The idea is for them to obtain an understanding of flexible business processes and the ability to change and adapt when problems occur. The key points to take away from the course are:
(i) How to anticipate and know your customers better.
(ii) The keys to create your sales arguments.

Marketing&Scaling Up

Jorge Schnura

This Seminar aims to unite the definition of a marketing strategy with the necessary conversion on a marketing plan and managing the Company Growth. These sessions intended to deepen the process and challenges to move from a simple idea to create a company. The main objectives pursued are: Understand the key attributes that must develop the CEO of a company in the different phases. Develop a product strategy and the associated technological challenges in the different phases. Develop an HR policy aimed at attracting, motivating and retaining the best talent. Create a structure of national and international sales to optimize revenue generation. Develop an investment strategy that ensures we have the resources required for each phase.

Legal Aspects for entrepreneurs

Tomás F. Serna

The main objective of these sessions is to provide entrepreneurs with the information and discerning skills required, from a legal standpoint, in order to better face the many challenges of entrepreneurship. We will attempt to anticipate the mistakes that are commonly made in the early stages of a business venture, and that traditionally have resulted for many entrepreneurs, in great efforts to solve them or, sometimes, in the termination of the project. We will focus on the key aspects that have a clear impact on the business project as such, as well as on any other issues that are also important when it comes to attracting investors of all kinds (in the early stages of the project, or even when the project has already evolved to a more advanced stage).

Managing Entrepreneurial Growth:people, operations, investment rounds

Andrés San José

Managing the Company Growth. Company growth it is one of the most repeated mantras when measuring company success. Hijacking markets, growth hacking and an aggressive internationalization and globalization became goals by themselves, many times without much consideration to market state and company. This approach without an integrated strategy is most of the times a mistake and each year brings down many start-ups. Internationalization, a separated breed of growth by itself is a headache in the entrepreneurial mind. Achieving sustainable growth it is the key to any growth strategy, for local as well as for International growth. Creating a virtuous growth circle is part of it, but planning for crisis, which will sooner or later be present. This module is designed to give students an overview of the reasons to grow, internationalize a company and most of the variables to be accounted for. We will start considering what growth means for a company and discuss about the convenience of growth for a company.

Productivity Boost for startups: execution&tools

David Bonilla

This seminar goal is to help students identify which management tasks can be done faster and better with the help of tools, and provide them a first introduction to some of the best and most popular solutions -from pen and paper up to sophisticated software- to manage typical startups processes, with a practical approach.

Presentation Skills

Alex Barrera

The Summer School – Entrepreneurship focuses on pitching effectively business proposals to engage the audience. In this sessions participants will work on the different areas they have to improve in their presentation for next day.

Pitch Slam

Participants will make the presentation of their projects to experts to receive feedback.

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