KyuJin Shim

Dr KyuJin Shim (PhD, Syracuse University) is an Assistant Professor of Media & Communications at IE University in Madrid and Segovia.

Before starting her academic journey in the US in 2008, she spent 7 years as a media expert across both digital and traditional media. Her professional experience extends to her research endeavors as to how culture, ethics and politics in various contexts interplay in shaping public opinion in a digitized and interactive media landscape.

She won several research awards including International Communication Association conference, and published more than a dozen of research papers in prestigious journals such as Communication Research, Computers in Human Behavior, Public Relations Review, American Behavioral Scientist, etc.

Her research program uses principles in normative ethics and attribution processes to better understand factors in persuasion, influencing how dynamic consumers respond to corporate and public issues. In particular, her research explores how corporate ethical endeavors or lapses are received differently based on individual value systems and cultural differences, which thus shapes differential outcomes of marketing and PR campaigns.


• Manager & Director of New sector and U-Video Platform, Daum Communications, Seoul, Korea, 2003 – 2007

• General Assignment Reporter, CJB (SBS local network), CheongJu, Korea, 2001 – 2003


• Assistant Professor of Communication and digital media, IE University, Spain, 2022 – Present

• Full-time Lecturer in Marketing Communication, University of Melbourne, Faculty of Arts, School of Culture and Communication, 2018 – 2021

• Assistant Professor of Corporate Communication, Singapore Management University, Singapore, 2014 – 2018


• Ph.D. in in Mass Communication, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, USA, 2013

• M.A. in Telecommunication, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, USA, 2010

• Bachelor in Journalism and Media Studies, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea, 2001


• Hong, S., Shim, K. (2022). “Ethical Public Typology: How Does Moral Foundation Theory and Anti-Corporatism Predict Public Differences in Crisis?”. Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management

• Shim, K., Cho, H.C., Kim, S., Yeo, S. (2021). “Impact of moral ethics on consumers’ boycott intentions: A cross-cultural study of crisis perceptions and responses in the United States, South Korea, and Singapore”. Communication Research, Vol 48(3): 401 – 425

• Krishna, A., Kim, S., Shim, K. (2021). “Unpacking the Effects of Alleged Gender Discrimination in the Corporate Workplace on Consumers’ Affective Responses and Relational Perceptions”. Communication Research, Vol 48(3):426 – 453

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