Visiting Students Program

Visiting Student Program

The Visiting Student Program is aimed at students from both partner and non-partner universities interested in joining IE University from a semester to a year.

Explore different areas of knowledge

The structure of the Visiting Student Program allows you to both explore new areas of knowledge that you haven’t studied at your home university, and to concentrate on what you like, gaining new knowledge through innovative approaches and content.

A flexible structure

The possibility of choosing one semester or two allows you to design your year of international exploration as you choose. Whether you have an internship from September to December, or you are a student from the Southern Cone (completing your studies in December), you can choose the semester that begins in January. And if you have an internship, or have decided to travel in January, you can choose to start your program in September.

Thinking about your future

One of the reasons for participating in a Visiting Student Program is to be able to reflect upon your professional future, thinking about what you would like to do and be in the future. You will have access to advice from teachers, experts, and specialists at IE University’s Talent & Careers during your stay with us, allowing you to begin your process of reflection.

Develop skills for the professional world

The hands-on methodologies that IE University is globally recognized for, and which you will find in all of your courses, will help you develop abilities in critical thinking, oral and written expression, and skills in communication and teamwork.

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Why study the Visiting Student Program?





Four packs to make subject selection simple

With our four subject packs, you can easily customize your IE University experience while benefiting from stress-free scheduling and meeting your degree requirements.

Drawing up your ideal program is simple: just select your subjects and make sure you’ve got a minimum of 30 ECTS credits from each pack. While some students choose subjects from every area, you can also opt to specialize in a core field such as Marketing or Finance. Whatever you choose to study, using the packs will guarantee compatible scheduling so that your selections avoid any timetable clashes.

Get inspired by the subject offerings of our packs here:

As a visiting student, you can choose classes from a wide selection of Bachelor programs across the five areas of interest detailed below. We’re flexible, open, and accommodating, so you can mix and match classes and study whatever you find most interesting! If you want to shake up your studies, just choose 70% of your classes from one program and 30% from another.
We’ve grouped together our Bachelor's programs by field of study, in order to make it easier for you to view all the subjects in specific areas of interest. However, if you come across another subject you would like to study that doesn’t appear on this page, don’t worry—you can still take it as long as it’s available!


Are you bursting with original ideas? Studying Architecture & Design will equip you with all the skills, tools, and resources you need to design and create innovative, future-forward, and sustainable environments. Unleash your creativity as you transform your global design dreams into reality.
The Bachelor in Architectural Studies and the Bachelor in Design are part of our School of Architecture & Design.


Whether you’re looking to work for a multinational corporation or start your own company, Business & Economics is for you. Here, you will develop an exceptional business acumen and unparalleled managerial skills, preparing you to thrive in today’s constantly evolving economy.
Check out our Bachelor in Economics and Bachelor in Business Administration if you want to take the corporate world by storm.


In Laws & International Relations, you will deepen your understanding of a wide range of complex economic, political, and social dynamics across the globe—while grasping just how closely they’re related.
In this ever-expanding field of study, you’ll find our Bachelor in International Relations, Bachelor in Philosophy, Politics, Law and Economics, and our Bachelor of Laws.


With Social Sciences, discover how to become an expert in human behavior and society, or communication and marketing, in order to lead the next generation of pioneering social scientists.
Study our Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences or our Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media to set yourself on the path towards success.


Harness the power of data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to drive innovation, solve the world’s most complex challenges, and ultimately transform the world we live in.
Want to become a digital disruptor? Take a look at our Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics and our Bachelor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.

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