Gain professional skills in an internship-like experience

IEU Labs

Our IEU Labs are a unique, innovative alternative to traditional work placements. By participating in this program, first and second year students gain real-world, professional experience while working with top companies. There are 10 Labs to choose from, each offering valuable insights into the realities of a number of different sectors. Students work alongside managers and directors at leading global organizations, allowing them to grow a formidable professional network.

Throughout the duration of the program, professors and industry experts will guide your journey to enhance your skills in marketing, funding, strategy, legal aspects and much more. You will be allowed to apply to the Lab that best fits your professional ambitions, or the Lab that simply appeals to your interests.


Marketing Lab


Develop brand building strategies and prepare marketing plans for your clients.

Examples of projects:

CARGILL | Define a new brand positioning strategy and a media-planning proposal to be implemented.

INDEXA CAPITAL | Elaborate an acquisition-marketing plan to reach specialized bloggers, to expand the young target market and to drive more traffic to the platform.

HUERCASA | Define a marketing strategy for the Huercasa business network, which works to coordinate the cultivation, processing and sale of 5th-range vegetable products.

VICIOUS MAGAZINE | Analyze and evaluate the company’s social media strategy against competitors’, and elaborate a business plan to monetize its existing database.

Finance Lab


Analyze financial markets to optimize investment strategies.

Examples of projects:

ARCANO GROUP | Apply modern corporate finance theory in the Investment Banking Department. Experience a high-yield bonds project using the Bloomberg Terminal.

CREDIT SUISSE | Create a diversified portfolio of fixed income securities including corporate, government and high yield.

TRIODOS BANK | Identify the most promising social currencies for the client, and present them as an ethical financing opportunity.

Policy Lab


Develop professional projects for private companies, public organizations and nonprofits.

Examples of projects:

FUNDACIÓN VÍA CÉLERE | Conduct market research/benchmarking in the housing market. Prepare a communication plan, and draft a corporate volunteer strategy.

WEBERSHANDWICK | Analyze Open Government and E-Government policies in Spain, the United States, the UK, China, Brazil and the European Union.

ATREVIA | Create a report that analyzes the political and academic relationship between the EU and Latin America in order to provide the foundation for constructing a new narrative that considers the interests and sensitivities of both regions.

Design Lab


Enter the world of design and architecture.

Examples of projects:

SEGOVIA CITY WALL | Along the wall of Segovia, the City Hall has recovered a series of public spaces. Unfortunately, these spaces are still predominantly in disuse.

Develop schematic design strategies to activate the use of public spaces, such as the Jardín de los Poetas or the international competition FROM LIMIT TO LIVE IT, in order to celebrate the magnificent presence of the medieval wall.

CASA DE LA LECTURA | Design and develop different areas of Segovia’s Public Library including: a multipurpose area, a reception/books loan area, a reading club area and an interactive wall in the courtyard.

C.E.I.P. EL PEÑASCAL | Carry out functional reorganization of the school’s patio to meet the needs of the different ages and groups that use it.

Innovation Lab


Unleash your creativity and effect real business growth.

Examples of projects:

OSTRICH PILLOW | Develop ideas for suitable brand extension.

Present new and different product concepts, beyond pillows, that could coexist under the same brand.

HEINEKEN | Complete a full review of new consumption opportunities for the brand, including new flavor ideas, and new formats.

AHMAD TEA | Complete a full strategic study of the US market identifying opportunities, innovation practices and possibilities, developing a full plan for 2018-2025.

Communication Lab


Create blogs, videos and other media content according to clients’ needs.

Examples of projects:

CERVEZA SAN FRUTOS | Get to know the company Cerveza San Frutos and create a corporate video that includes the mission, vision and values the owners want to communicate to the world.

VERESCENCE | Create an internal corporate video and update the welcome guide using infographics to help new employees better understand the glass factory’s structure.

SIEMPRE EN LAS NUBES | Create a promo video for the 1st Hot Air Balloon Festival in Segovia to help the organization increase participation.

CABAÑAS DE POLENDOS COUNCIL | Create a video showcasing the “Días Europeos de la Artesanía 2018” fair to present to various institutions for financing.

Legal Lab


Offer legal advice and counseling to NGOs and startups.

Examples of projects:

CHAPTER TWO | Draft a report on the rules and regulations for refugees who want to start a business in rural areas through the social entrepreneurship program.

PILNET | Analyze EU Member State legislation and prepare a multinational report lobbying the European Commission for increased protections for vulnerable children.

BRIDGE FOR BILLIONS | Review the mentorship agreement of this online incubation software that matches entrepreneurs with mentors, and draft a report on dispute resolution and data protection.

FUNDACIÓN POMBO | Research and draft a report on innovative legal means for sustainable financing of social entities, such as social impact bonds.

Culture Lab


Shape the future of fashion.

Examples of projects:

PEPE JEANS | Pepe Jeans is a Spanish fashion distribution group with almost 50 years of experience in the market, an annual net profit of approximately 12 million euros, and a wide portfolio of brands sold in Spain and Europe including Pepe Jeans, Hackett, Façonnable, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and Norton.

Discover how a real fashion company works and how a sustainable product can be produced and communicated to consumers.

Tech Lab


Design innovative solutions for real-life technology challenges.

Examples of projects:

B2B COMMUNICATION PLATFORM | Provide a professional assessment of the software stack selection, customize the platform, launch it and provide training, in accordance with the client’s needs.

EVENTS PORTAL | Provide a professional assessment of the software stack selection, propose UX based design, customize the portal, launch it and provide training, in accordance with the client’s needs.

AI CHATBOT | Train and launch an artificial intelligence, text-based chatbot aimed at helping students navigate the complex web of data and information they encounter during enrollment in different academic programs.


Social Lab


Work in social development consultancy to help people and communities.

Examples of projects:

AYUDA EN ACCIÓN | Design and implement an awareness campaign targeting IEU students about the trafficking of women in Nepal and its consequences.

POUR UNE SOURIRE D’ENFANT | Define an action plan to increase awareness about education, vocational training, protection and housing for children. Students also work as camp counselors at summer camps in Cambodia.


Startup Lab


Study the needs of your business idea. Develop a feasible business plan to pitch to possible investors.

Examples of projects:

PICH TECHNOLOGIES | Former IEU students Ignacio Gamoneda Lasa, Munya Gwisai, Julio Pedreira and Pablo Pérez Pardo are the founders of Pich Technologies, a company that creates technology to accelerate innovation in the FinTech sector by allowing businesses and developers to connect with the banking infrastructure through its Application Programming Interface.
Pich works with banks and other financial institutions to provide their customers and strategic partners access to data from multiple financial sources through a single access point.

It also allows standardized direct access to financial data from various financial platforms through any application or system.


These are just a few of the companies to come out of the Start-Up Lab.


We offer students a unique university experience with weekly excursions, and a wide variety of extracurricular activities, ranging from cultural trips to sporting events.


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IEU Labs start at the beginning of the second semester and continue throughout the year. From May to June you will work full-time at your IEU Lab, participating in shared modules and activities such as advanced seminars for professional skills, weekly presentations, business simulations and other extracurricular activities.

At the beginning of the academic year, IEU Lab fairs are held in Segovia and Madrid. During this time, students can learn more about the projects available in each IEU Lab, and present their applications to participate. All IE University students are allowed to apply for the IEU Lab program.

A professor or expert will lead each Lab to support students throughout their journey. Each IEU Lab operates much like a small company, with working hours, timetables and deadlines. Students commit to working with certain companies on specific projects, which will be developed during a set timeframe.

From February through to the end of May, students work part-time for about four hours a week in the IEU Labs. During the month of June, students work full-time for four weeks. The daily workload during the full-time period will vary depending on the projects. Generally speaking, this period is made up of a class or seminar, project development, meetings and company visits. There are also weekly presentations, where students will share their progress.

The IEU Labs are long-term projects, which continue the following year with a new group of students. In some cases, students can continue with their research and consultancy projects, and may also use their findings for their final degree projects. Labs require a minimum number of students, and all participants will receive up to three ECT credits upon completion of the program. The grade will not apply to the student’s GPA, but a grade (0 to 10) will be listed on their transcript. 


IEU Labs are unique, interdisciplinary, consultancy-based projects conducted in collaboration with leading companies and institutions. Students gain real-world experience in a variety of sectors, including sports, finance, marketing, information technology and media. The Labs provide students with the opportunity to provide consultation services, conduct needs assessments and contribute in the area of project design.


In collaboration with Segovia City Council, IE University has been granted use of the city’s historic Real Casa de la Moneda or Royal Mint. This building, which houses IEU Labs and Start-Up Lab, has become a hub of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurial ambitions in the region.

The ground floor, where the Start-Up Lab is located, is always open to the public. In the showroom, students showcase their business plans, projects and ideas, creating an opportunity for interactions with experienced entrepreneurs and investors.

The Real Casa de la Moneda is a cultural heritage building, established by Felipe II and built by Juan de Herrera between 1583 and 1588. It is considered to be the oldest example of industrial architecture of its kind in Europe. Renovations were completed in 2011, when IE University converted the space into an international incubator for disruptive innovators.