Honours Program

Academic Excellence

At IE University, we pride ourselves on the success and determination of our students. Exceptional achievement should be recognized and rewarded, and we have created the IE Undergraduate Honours Program to foster academic excellence as a result. Admission to the program is open to bachelor students ranking in the top 5% of their program, by invitation from the Honours Program Committee.

The Honours Program provides enrolled students with experiences that foster academic vigor and professional prospects. The university hosts a specialized program for participating students—an exciting academic environment in which they can network and learn with top-tier industry professionals. With presentations on the most relevant topics and critical insights from the current world, the course also features a launch event and closing ceremony to be enjoyed by all students and visiting professionals.

Mission and Objectives


The Honours Program brings together top students from all degrees and programs across IE University. Through relevant and insightful courses and initiatives that promote interdisciplinary learning, students will learn to be more creative, flexible, and open-minded—ensuring they are better equipped to tackle the challenges of an increasingly globalized world.


The Honours Program is a mark of distinction. It is a sign to employers and society that members are one of a kind. In an increasingly competitive and demanding job market, this is exactly what students need to excel in their professional careers after graduation.


With access to extra initiatives and courses outside their degree and program, students are given the opportunity to build their knowledge base, hone their leadership skills, and expand their personal and professional contacts.


All of the initiatives and courses in the Honours Program are designed and led by industry-leading professionals and experts. By creating opportunities that focus on building the skills necessary to be successful professionals, we hope to motivate students to reach their maximum potential, and to help them uncover new passions and aspirations as they collaborate with like-minded peers.



Members of IE University’s Honours Program are set to become tomorrow’s global changemakers. Members gain the relevant skills, knowledge, and contacts they need to not only become successful and respected, but also responsible, humble, and moral leaders.


As a mark of excellence, our Honours Program ensures that our top students stand out from the crowd. It proves to future employers and the surrounding community that members are gifted and pioneering individuals who always strive for excellence—going above and beyond what is required and expected of them.


Designed by world-class faculty and industry experts, the Honours Program provides highly motivated students with the opportunity to interact with leading professionals. The result is a challenging yet intimate and supportive environment brimming with revolutionary content and unparalleled learning opportunities.


The program grants students access to exclusive talks and meetings throughout the year, led by prominent personnel from major companies such as the United Nations, Amazon, Oliver Wyman and Cabify.
augusto baena

Augusto Baena, Global Partner, Communications, Media and Technology at Oliver Wyman

Academic excellence is a strong indicator of traits we look for in candidates—like determination, grit, and intellectual power. However, it is not the only one. We look for individuals who have displayed other traits such as interpersonal skills, curiosity, international exposure, and diverse backgrounds.
I think one of the most important aspects of the Honours Program for students is that it allows them to benefit from the diversity of backgrounds in their group. While acquiring specific skills is important, we also look for people with wider perspectives, and diversity is a key ingredient.
After meeting with the Honours Program students, I saw that they are a very interesting mix of profiles, different degrees, nationalities, backgrounds, etc. They were all very sensible, open, and nice to work with.

daniel-bedya-honours program

Daniel Bedoya, General Manager in Europe at Cabify

Academic excellence is a key criteria our company considers when recruiting for a specific position. For us, this means selecting well-rounded candidates with important skills such as the ability to implement different working methods, use an innovative mindset, and build a team. Even though academics play an important role in internal decision-making, a candidate's background must also display a specific range of professional experiences and personal principles. All in all, we want to build a smart team based on a strong mindset of execution, and reliable personal and professional principles.
Being part of the Honours Program is a great opportunity to connect highly skilled students with successful professionals from different industries. With this experience, students can share best practices, industry knowledge, and challenges. The main value for students comes from face-to-face discussions and learning from excellent professors who are open to sharing their strategic, operational, and business mindset. Therefore, my key recommendation is to make the most of it by being prepared, asking questions, and staying curious.
The Honours Program students have impressed me, indeed. They interacted and discussed very important topics—not only about their professional development but also their personal development. I always learn from questions and discussions and that’s why I keep connected to forums like the Honours Program.


Prashant Kumar, Senior Product Manager of Spain and Italy at Amazon

Academic excellence indicates a student’s efforts to improve and push themselves to achieve the best results possible. In my company, we are always on the lookout for students who have consistently achieved great results. After all, academic excellence is a clear indicator of hardworking and committed individuals who are willing to learn and go above and beyond to deliver outstanding results.
I was very happy to see that the Honours Program puts a lot of focus on helping its students to kick-start and develop their careers, giving them the opportunity to interact with experienced professionals and find some inspiration and direction. I would advise the students to take advantage of this opportunity to broaden their professional horizons and understand what it takes to succeed in the market. They should learn which skills are most in-demand to prepare themselves for the job market.
I was pleasantly surprised to see a high level of professional maturity shown by the students in the Honours Program. They came prepared for the meeting with great questions and had a clear idea of which direction they wanted to go professionally. This is a great quality in any young student and speaks volumes of their future potential.

Honours Program Committee

Profile - Tana Greer Tana Greer

Associate Director
Undergraduate Studies in Law

Profile - Jessica Danielle Tollette Jessica Danielle Tollette

Academic Director
Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences

Profile - Borja Santos Borja Santos

Executive Director
Undergraduate Studies School Global Public Affairs


"Beyond recognizing prestige, excellence and integrity, the 2020 IE University Honours Program prospers by connecting cognitive diversity and individual excellence, unleashing unlimited potential for success, personal development and deep relationships. "
"The Honours Program helps you to become the best version of yourself. It pushes you to explore the challenges of the world around you, while also encouraging you to take care of your mental health—an important factor which is often undermined. "
"The Honours Program is a community comprised of some of the top students at IE University and the professors who helped them get there. It is a space in which we can build off of and empower one another in our academics, professional goals, and overall university experience. The key to academic success is knowing how you work or study best. There is no “one-size-fits-all” plan for succeeding at university."
"The IE University Honours Program can best be described as a proactive platform that brings together and rewards those students that went the extra mile academically. It has given me the chance to meet interesting and passionate individuals who want to make a global impact in their area of study. Also, it’s an opportunity to talk to top executives from different companies, which gave me a competitive insight into different industries ranging from consultancy to public international organizations."
"My experience in the Honours Program this year was diverse. It was very nice to connect with both directors and students from different degrees in a rich mix of situations—from formal ones, discussing many relevant issues, to more colloquial contexts. I think it was an insightful first experience that has a lot of potential for the coming editions."
"My experience with the Honours Program was simply amazing! Not only did I have the opportunity to meet students with the same interests as me, but I also learned a lot about leadership by attending all the classes and executives' breakfasts."


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