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IE University looks after the well-being of its students.

About IEU Counseling

In order to ensure our undergraduate students’ well-being at every stage of their path through university, we firmly believe in the value of helping them strike a balance between academic obligations, extracurricular activities, and their personal and social lives. The department of IEU Counseling serves our students by providing resources and support to help them achieve and maintain that equilibrium.

How do we do it?

  • Reaching out to freshmen through the Mentorship Society, which assigns freshmen students (Mentees) to an elder pupil and friend (Mentor) who helps them learn the ropes about university life.
  • Organizing activities and workshops where qualified professionals provide tips and advice in order to help students learn the skills necessary to cope with adversity (stress, anxiety, personal challenges, etc.).
  • Undergraduate students who are experiencing difficulties or distress at either the personal or the academic level are invited to contact us. We can refer students to our mental health professionals if required.


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