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Tomás Alfaro Drake


Tomás Alfaro Drake



Tomas Alfaro Drake is Adjunct Professor of Financial Management and Business Management and Marketing in IE Business School. He has worked in educational activities and as a manager in companies like Dimetal or Johnson Wax, and serves on the Board of Directors of BBVA.

Corporate Experience

• 1973 - 1975: System Engineer. Dimetal S.A.

• 1975 - 1977: Commercial Director of the division Industrial Automatization. Dimetal S.A.

• 1977 - 1979: Barcelona curse of M.B.A. in the IESE

• 1979 - 1981: Product Manager. Johnson Wax Española S.A.

• 1981 - 1998: IE Business School. Throughout these years he has held these following positions: Marketing Director, Director of the Master in Business Management and Marketing, Academic Director

• 1998 - Present: Director of Degree and Degree in Business Administration and Marketing Degree and Diploma in Business at the University Francisco de Vitoria

• 2006 - Present: Member of the Board of Directors of BBVA

Academic Experience

• MBA, Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Empresa (IESE), Universidad de Navarra, Barcelona (Spain)

• Degree in Industrial Engineering, Universidad Pontificia de Comillas (I.C.A.I.) Professional background

• Partner/Director, Alfaro y Asociados, Consultants

• Director, Business Degree and Diploma Programme, Centro Universitario Francisco de Vitoria

• Professor, Financial Management and Sales and Marketing Management, IE Business School and Centro Universitario Francisco de Vitoria

Academic Background

• 1968 - 1973: Engineer from ICAI

• 1977 - 1978: Master in Business Administration (M.B.A.) from the IESE of Barcelona