Transfer students


Every year, IE University welcomes students who start an undergraduate program at another university and who decide to continue their undergraduate studies with us. IE University is an international university, where every student is unique in a diverse environment. Transfer students enrich campus life, and the learning experience of our entire university community.
As an undergraduate student considering a transfer to another university,  you are planning a change in your life, and you need to receive the information about what we have to offer at IE University as quickly as possible. Transferring from one university to another can sometimes be challenging. However, the transfer process at IE University is easy. On one hand, we know that as a university student, you are sufficiently experienced for us to be able to go through a fast admission process together so you can make your decision as quickly as possible. On the other, one of the important aspects of the IE University model is our flexibility. The most important thing is for us to adapt to you, and offer you an academic career path that dovetails with your interests, your needs, and your expectations.


To enter as transfer student, candidates will need to complete a credit recognition process to validate courses taken and passed from their previous university. They will only be validated if they are similar to courses offered at IE University.


To enter to IE University as a transfer student, you must have at least 30 recognized ECTS.

Please also note that IE university will be able to recognize up to 120 ECTS credits (equivalent to 2 years of study).

IE University is recognized by the Spanish Government. To be officially enrolled, all students must comply with the requirements established by the Ministry of Education.

Please contact your Admission Advisor for guidance.



As part of our Admissions Process, we require candidates to take our Admissions Test which allows us to measure their competencies, skills and personality characteristics. It also evaluates their English level.

Alternatively, we accept the following globally recognized tests:

  • New SAT: Minimum 1200. 25th / 75th Percentile: 1270 / 1460
    • IE University’s identification code “6293”
  • ACT: Minimum 24
    • IE University’s identification code “5360”
  • LNAT: Minimum 22


All our programs are taught fully in English therefore all candidates will have their English communication skills assessed during the admissions process.

The possession of language certificates is not mandatory, particularly if candidates have spent the last 2 years in an English speaking country or studied in an Anglophone educational system (such as American High School, IB in English or A-levels).

Language Test guidelines:

  • TOEFL: minimum 90, 100 points recommended
  • IELTS: minimum 7 points
  • Cambridge: CAE (with marks A, B and in some cases C with a strong oral conversation) or CPE




You can continue your university education with programs that are more personalized, practical, and diverse in terms of their methodology and innovative approach, giving you the opportunity to develop a truly unique profile that will appeal to companies and organizations when you move into the professional world.

Our passion for integrating knowledge and disciplines will give you a broader outlook and a diverse educational background, through IE Labs, our Advanced Seminars, and our system of Concentrations for each undergraduate program.


Become a global citizen by studying on a campus with students, professors, and staff who represent more than 110 nationalities. Our international approach to your undergraduate program and study plan will equip you with an international outlook and vision.

You will also find a wide range of exchange opportunities with our prestigious university partners in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. In addition, the possibility of international internships or placements with multinational companies will round off your profile and prepare you for the new professional world you are about to enter.


We adapt to you. IE University encourages you to take full advantage of the time and effort that you have put into your university studies, and our objective is to cater for your interests, needs, and academic and professional expectations. The academic team in charge of the undergraduate program you would like to study at IE University will carry out a personalized, detailed study of your previous academic coursework.

We give our transfer students a complete and holistic education, as per our learning model, irrespective of when they join IE University. Our faculty, tutors, and personal counselors work hard with you on an individual basis to provide you with an innovative, international and entrepreneurial education with an unique approach on humanities. Just as if you had started your university studies with us in your first year, you will quickly adapt to our innovative methodologies and swiftly incorporate these into your own learning style.

Our admission process for transfer students is designed to be fast, easy, and involve only the minimum administrative requirements, yet give you a personalized, detailed and clear-cut idea of the opportunities available to you at IE University.


You will find a diverse international environment with a wide range of extracurricular activities. Our students enjoy a high standard of cultural and sporting activities, as proved by the number of clubs organized by the students, catering for an array of interests and hobbies.

In line with our model of individual attention, you will find that our campus is a comfortable size, and that they provide numerous opportunities for networking with fellow students, meeting people, and striking up new friendships. This is one of the features that our students value most. All transfer students who join our campus in order to continue their studies are warmly welcomed by a broad-minded, highly diverse university.


We would like to encourage you to use your initiative and help you continue developing as an entrepreneur, to either launch your own projects, or by galvanizing and inspiring others in a large company or organization. You will be supported by our Venture Lab and our Careers Department, which will help you define your projects and prepare your career path with specific training and internships.


You will belong to a community of more than 50,000 IE alumni worldwide, all with a university degree from a highly prestigious international organization, as well as boundless opportunities for personal and professional networking relationships, wherever you are working.


We are aware of the financial efforts you and your family have made for you to be able to go to university. In the case of transfer students, this also extends to having to move from one city or country to another, in some cases. IE University tries to make sure that economic aspects are not obstacles for brilliant university students or students with a promising profile who would like to continue their studies on our campus.

IE University offers a specific financial aid plan for transfer students. Once you have finished the admission process, you can contact our Financial Aid Department ( so they can personally study your case.


Students who are interested in adding a Master’s degree to their undergraduate studies can do so at IE, at one of our internationally recognized graduate schools. Our postgraduate programs have specific admissions processes. However, the fact that an applicant has graduated from IE University is a positive point in his or her favor. This is one of the advantages for IE University graduates wishing to continue their education after finishing their undergraduate program.