Comparative Law in Action The first university competition that brings together Comparative Law, Technology and Policy


The unprecedented speed of disruptive technologies is leaving a host of regulatory challenges in its wake. Across the globe, nations are scrambling to catch up, creating regulatory frameworks that foster innovation—while still protecting citizens and upholding the rule of law. It’s a daunting challenge, and one that requires innovative legal minds who are capable of shaping our shared future.

Comparative Law in Action is the first competition of its kind. Bringing together students from top law schools, it challenges them to work on a multimedia case in a largely virtual environment. Mirroring the methods of tomorrow’s legal teams, they have to apply a comparative legal mindset to reach an innovative, all-encompassing solution.

Participants will study and analyze how law and policy adapt to new dynamics created by technology, while also leveraging its power to present solutions to legal challenges. Through a practical and immersive real-world multimedia experience, students will learn how a comparative law approach can create innovative solutions to today’s pressing global issues.


Lalaland: A multimedia case study on electoral law

Lalaland is immersed in chaos and despair. Is change the only solution?


The first Comparative Law in Action Competition 2021 deals with social unrest in the fictional country Lalaland. Throughout this case, you will have to confront questions and issues related to the electoral system. Along the way, other challenges will arise, including the use of technology in ensuring accurate electoral results, as well as the regulation of disinformation.
Lalanders require exceptional leaders to guide them out of this turmoil. Do you have what it takes?


Third-year students of the LL.B. in Global Law were crowned winners of the first IE University Comparative Law in Action Competition. The team shared their experience and what they learned during the competition.

The IE Comparative Law in Action Competition was a steep learning curve and an enriching experience. The multi-disciplinary aspect taught the group how the law does not operate in a vacuum. Rather, there is always the interaction between legal and non-legal fields such as electoral law and fake news.  Understanding this interaction is important to note in the growing number of regulatory complexities facing policymakers and lawyers of the 21st century. Moreover, working in a group setting taught us the intricacies of group dynamics and bolstered our soft skills such as negotiating when the group needed to decide on a course of action.

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"IE University has evolved into an impressive university that honors its lemma ‘Unus Mundus Mentes Diversae’ (One World, Diverse Minds). Its long-established law department was prompted to organize this competition by the challenges posed by the unprecedented speed of disruptive technologies, the requirement to protect citizens and uphold the rule of law. Which ambassador could say no to an invitation to contribute to that event as a jury member?"
"The competition enabled students to seek outside the box solutions. Competitions like these require students to work effectively as a team. Throughout the process, they became each other’s best critics and strongest cheerleaders. Further, the competition provided the students with a platform to showcase their substantive knowledge as well as soft skills."
"Adaptability and an innovative bent of mind are pivotal to legal professionals wishing to succeed in the future. In order to serve clients in such a volatile environment, lawyers need to be creative and adapt to the changing and challenging circumstances"

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    Technology is at the heart of this experience. Over nine weeks, you and your assigned team will be challenged to work virtually on an immersive, cutting-edge multimedia case.

    As the challenge progresses, you will be supplied with case facts and learning and information snippets. Mimicking the dynamic reality of everyday life, you will receive live notifications of breaking news and events taking place in Lalaland. This will require you to collaborate effectively and react in real time to confront the many issues the country is facing.


    This is a unique opportunity for ambitious, forward-thinking law students. By competing, you will gain mastery of an immersive and innovative methodology that provides the skills to confront today’s tech-driven global and legal challenges.

    Your mission is to confront the growing problems that are affecting the citizens of Lalaland. To achieve your objective, you will have to rely on sound comparative law methodologies and apply unique and creative problem-solving skills. But a challenge of this magnitude can not be overcome alone. You will be assigned a talented team of up-and-coming legal minds, which you will regularly liaise with in a virtual environment—and in the real world during the experiential week. Even with their help, this mission will require you to develop and employ every legal skill at your disposal, including: effective public speaking, analyzing diverse areas of law and drafting highly professional legal reports.

    This is your mission. Do you accept it?


    The challenge is divided into two distinct phases, which are designed to mirror the academic year.

    Phase I: Virtual Experience
    January 2022 – April 2022

    In this first phase, you will be supplied with case facts and learning and information snippets. Mirroring the conditions of the real world, new information will be made available at different points, requiring a quick reaction to develop solutions.

    Key Dates:


    Phase II: On-Site Experience
    April 2022

    The experiential weekend (face-to-face and online) will take place in April at IE University in Madrid. Over three days, participants will have the opportunity to attend different workshops (on digital trends, presentation skills, legal design, comparative law), work in teams, and pitch their projects to a panel of juries.

    Mentors and professors will be available during this period. At the final presentations, all teams will have 30 minutes to present their final presentation to the jury.


    The winners will be invited to the IE Summer School, a unique and innovative one-week program designed for ambitious undergraduate students and recent graduates. Students will strengthen their strategic business skills through sessions focused on finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, communication and leadership. Alongside enriching extracurricular activities, the program includes a virtual in-company session and a multimedia business case presentation that offers first-hand industry insights from leading experts in their fields.


    This competition will follow IE University’s Liquid Learning model. While all teams are welcome on campus during the experiential weekend, individuals who cannot attend or have difficulties travelling due to the pandemic can participate virtually. All our classes are equipped with screens, mics and speakers so that online students have the same immersive experience as those on campus. What’s more, our faculty and staff have been carefully trained in dynamic methodologies to ensure students gain access to world-class education—no matter where they are located.

Universities that participate

Edinburgh Law School

Bocconi Law School

Bucerius Law School

FGV Rio Law School

Maastricht Law School

Tilburg Law School

Learning by doing

Dean Soledad Atienza explains how the Comparative Law in Action challenge takes education to whole new level, as students are exposed to a challenging and innovative methodology and are required to put into practice rigorous legal analysis, critical thinking and other key leadership skills such as the ability to adapt to change, work in teams, creativity and communication, among others.

Discover how we teach law through the comparative law methodology

The current global context calls future lawyers and professionals that are to be effective leaders on the world stage. Learn how the comparative law methodology allows students to develop the varied skill set necessary in today’s legal landscape.

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