Global Counselors Academy A Pioneering Program for Advanced Educators


Throughout the eight sessions of the Global Counselors Academy, you will have the opportunity to gain new insights, tools, and leadership skills. These will prepare you to transform education and create schools that the whole educational community can be proud of. Each session consists of an introductory video followed by an interactive webinar where you will discover the best ways to engage diverse groups of students in today’s ever-changing educational environments.

What’s more, as part of the Academy, you will have access to IE University Global Counselors Academy Slack Channel where you will further your knowledge alongside like-minded peers while honing the educational leadership skills you need to disrupt the sector.

Global Counselors Academy IE’s Values


Be part of an international community of school counselors with a common vision—to transform education!

  • Master the skills necessary to lead a new era of educational change.
  • Learn about the best educational practices carried out by the most innovative educational centers around the world.
  • Harness the power of the latest educational trends to drive success at your school.
  • Define your personal teaching philosophy in today’s modern digital age.
  • Unleash your full potential as an innovator, disruptor, and leader in education.
"The Global Counselors Academy has been a wonderful opportunity to reflect on what it means to be a counselor, especially now in a time when we, counselors and our students, operate so much in the digital world. Thanks to your expertise, I’ve already gained some fantastic tools that I’m eager to apply in offering guidance and support to my students."
Harvey Miller
University & Career Counsellor, UWC Dilijan
"Global Counselors Academy provides an opportunity to share best practices and tools relevant to technologically-driven college and career counseling with inspiring colleagues from around the globe. "
Malin Halladay Aladlouni
Secondary School Counselor
"The Global Counselors Academy has been a wonderful experience. It instantly connected me with fellow counselors worldwide through breakout discussions. The innovative approach to the course and Carlos’ enthusiasm make for an engaging educational adventure that introduced me to new ways of thinking.  "
Gregg Murray
Associate Director of College Counseling, The Hun School of Princeton (USA)
"I believe that at this moment Global Counselor Academy is giving us the opportunity, skills, and tools to enhance our knowledge to be able to help our students with such special circumstances that we are living. The Global Counselors Academy provides not only more knowledge and tools about how to work with our school community, but also a way to connect with different counselors and learn from them though the networking you create during the program. I'm thrilled to get more form it! "
Florencia Rosso
College Counselor, Escuela Sierra Nevada Mexico.
"It is absolutely wonderful to connect and share information with counselors from around the world and to focus more broadly on our profession as a whole. The sessions are highly relevant and well-planned and the interactions and resources shared have already improved my practice. I look forward to the new discoveries and insights that will accompany future sessions. Most importantly perhaps, given this chaotic time in our world history, the Global Counselors Academy enables me to dialogue with dedicated people who share my passion for counseling and has broadened my professional network - a gift that will prove beneficial well beyond the duration of the program. Thank you IE University for offering this exceptional program! "
Catherine Geisen Kisch
"The Global Counselors Academy is the opportunity for counselors from around the world to connect with colleagues and specialists in different areas in order for us to continue growing professionally, learn new things and have fun in a moment of distress and tension. We learn tools to use in our profession and also content that will allow us to serve our students and families in a better way. Looking forward for the next sessions to come! "
Lucrecia Rodriguez


The Global Counselors Academy is composed of 8 different sessions listed below. Please, make sure you register separately for each one. Click the name of each session to find more details and register.


New ways of learning, new ways of teaching and counseling

Since the creation of the internet, we have been immersed in a new educational paradigm that advocates lifelong learning and innovation, rather than mere copying and memorization. Technology has transformed almost every aspect of our lives, and while education systems around the world have slowly been incorporating technology into teaching, it’s time to increase the pace. We need to catch up with the rapid social change taking place around us and the resulting new demands in the field.

Life is constantly changing, which means education is too. We have now reached a moment of understanding, where we can anticipate and manage the urgent and necessary transformation towards a new, more open, futureforward, and global educational model.

Throughout the first session of the Global Counselors Academy, we will study and analyze current trends in the implementation of technology in education, and evaluate the consequences of a new educational model.
During this session, all participants will also be informed about the requirements to obtain the program certificate.




The study of best practices in education

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a psychological approach to brain processes that uses human thoughts, language, and patterns of behavior to discern the most efficient and effective way an individual can achieve a specific goal. It is an extremely powerful educational tool as it transforms our way of thinking and behaving at both a personal and professional level, optimizing our performance and enhancing our relationships. NLP provides counselors with the knowledge and tools they need to support and encourage people and teams to achieve their maximum potential. This involves helping people to overcome personal barriers by strengthening their skills, such as teamwork and attitude.

NLP identifies, evaluates, and applies the best methodologies in education from across the globe, providing a promising model for educational success. After studying and analyzing the common denominators found in the most effective schools worldwide, NLP has assembled ten indispensable tools for educational success. Once mastered, these key tools will help societies all over the world create revolutionary educational institutions.




Knowledge + Skills + Culture of Educational Excellence + Digital Platforms

“There are no experts of tomorrow, only of yesterday.”—Jack Ma

We live in an era of information overload—a world inundated with social networks in which our true identities are continually influenced and shaped by digital tools and technologies. Our ability to adapt to this rapidly changing digital environment will shape our values, the way we see ourselves, and our perspectives on the world. For this reason, it is fundamental for each and every one of us to develop the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate these times of great change, both online and offline.

Driven by increasingly demanding expectations for society and education, school counselors, now more than ever, must embrace technological change. We must use existing digital resources and platforms to increase efficiency, create a collaborative network, and evaluate effectiveness at every educational level. This will empower us to deliver high-quality counseling services and develop the educational community as a whole.

Therefore, the third session of the Global Counselors Academy is focused on the role of the school counselor, and how it must adapt to constant societal, technological, and educational change.





Caring for oneself and others

Recent research based on the latest social and educational changes has brought to light a source of discomfort that’s widespread in the education sector. According to the research, the well-being of both students and counselors is conditioned by our beliefs and capacity for self-realization.

Therefore, school counselors must carefully analyze their intervention programs to improve well-being. In doing so, they can ensure the whole educational community is able to strike the right balance between ability and autonomy. Being able to lead wellness programs that achieve this aim in schools requires specific skills and training.

Although this has always been an important aspect of well-being, it is becoming increasingly recognized as a key aspect of quality education. Furthermore, as the role of technology becomes more prevalent, the importance of developing these fundamental areas that provide a balanced learning experience is vital.




Neuroscience and why it should be applied in schools

Educational neuroscience is a new teaching approach that uses today’s understanding of how the brain works to create educational strategies and technologies. This new discipline aims to optimize teaching and learning processes by merging knowledge in neuroscience, psychology, and education.

Neurologists, psychologists, counselors, and teachers are working together to improve teaching methods, and prevent and diagnose learning disabilities and behavior problems. And while great advancements have been made in the last 30 years in understanding how the brain learns, schools have not yet fully capitalized on these findings.

Introducing educational neuroscience in the classroom can transform how educators approach different subjects throughout their students’ schooling. In this session of the Global  Academy for Counselors, we will compile different practical experiences to better understand what educational neuroscience is and how it can be applied in the classroom.




A new perspective for counselors around the world

As a result of our increasingly globalized society, diversity in classrooms is growing exponentially. Applying the foundations of cross-cultural counseling creates a healthy environment of coexistence in schools and allows counselors to adapt to new environments, realities, and cultures. As they gain these new perspectives, counselors will be better equipped to handle cultural differences—preparing them to give personalized attention to the individuals they work with.

Cross-cultural counseling must promote inclusivity at all levels of education and society at large. Beyond the impact it aims to have on learning methodologies in the classroom, it must also engage every citizen to create a fair and multicultural society for everyone.

In this session, we will focus on strategies and guidelines to improve the effectiveness of cross-cultural counseling.



Implementing effective and affective education in schools

For centuries, educational systems around the world ignored the importance of emotions. This was likely the result of the medieval assertion that emotions disturb judgment and rational thought. However, regardless of the reason, topics such as emotions, feelings, relationships, affection, and coexistence were disregarded in favor of disciplines that were considered to be more relevant.

Today, though, the outlook is radically different. School systems have opened their doors to the emotional sphere in order to solve educational problems. The time has come for education to apply what science already knows will work, and implement emotional intelligence programs in schools around the world.

Emotional intelligence is the science behind how we handle our feelings when interacting with others, and how others handle their feelings when interacting with us.



Contributions from IE University Global  Academy for Counselors to the world of education

Throughout the Academy, IE University will support participants as they develop a final project, which they will present to their peers in the last session of the program. Based on one of the topics from the seven sessions, they will share their detailed proposals on how changes can be implemented in schools. The final project is mandatory to qualify for the Global Counselors Academy certificate. A brief of each project will be shared in the final session of the Academy.

During the first session, all participants will be informed about the requirements to obtain the program certificate.



Carlos Pallero is a teacher, school counselor, educational coach, NLP master trainer and professor at IE University. He teaches psychology of education and contemporary pedagogy at the university, alongside other subjects related to personal and professional growth.

He is also the founder and director of Mente Colectiva, a pioneering educational consultancy that specializes in the implementation of innovative neurolearning programs in schools around the world.

Professor Carlos Pallero’s main area of interest is in helping diverse groups of students achieve academic excellence through interactive and meaningful teaching. In 2018, he was appointed as
Talent Ambassador for the foundation Fundación Promete for helping students create the life they want to live.