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Anna Maria Schauenburg

About me

I’m from Germany and was educated there, apart from my final two years which I spent at a boarding school in the UK. After graduating, I wanted to explore various potential career paths and decided a gap year was the best way to do this. During this year, I took part in internships, worked in Martin Eder’s art studio, studied Spanish and even volunteered in a children’s home in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Returning to Germany, I started a degree in German Law at Bucerius Law School in Hamburg before transferring to IE University last year.

Anna Maria Schauenburg
Undergraduate student
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Bachelor in Philosphy, Politics, Law and Economics

"I particularly enjoy the various opportunities to enrich the university experience and get involved with students who have similar interests from other degrees."

Anna Maria Schauenburg

Open minded at global level

From a young age, Anna Maria has always been immersed in an open-minded, international environment—something that has left a lasting impression on her. While she‘s naturally interested in legal systems and the dynamics behind them, it’s what they can do at a global level that really excites her. 

Although she began studying German Law, she quickly realized it was too narrow and found the lack of broad, international perspectives a challenge. Faced with this dilemma, she began to research other options that were more in line with her values. When she discovered IE University, she was instantly fascinated by the diverse, international community as well as the practical, open approach and dynamic teaching methods. Shortly after, she transferred to the Bachelor in Philosophy, Politics, Law and Economics, and is currently in her second year.

From the outset, she has found studying in Segovia to be a highly enriching experience, both academically and socially. These two aspects go hand in hand with the inclusive teaching methods and collaborative approaches naturally complemented by the international student body. She emphasises how they frequently exchange opinions, knowledge and diverse perspectives, while inspiring each other to reach their full potential. 

Anna Maria is particularly impressed at how the university has managed to maintain this unique, tight-knit community even during the Covid-19 pandemic. She credits IE University with supporting its students during this time and managing to stay agile in the face of constant changes. 

Aside from her studies, Anna Maria is a member of a number of clubs and societies that allow her to pursue her other passion: art. She enjoys learning about painting and exploring museums, and she has spent the summer months taking part in an online course on the Value of Art at the Sotheby's Institute. When not immersed in the world of art, Anna also takes a keen interest in sports, singling out golf, skiing, shooting and running as her favorites—with hopes to take up surfing in the coming year. 

In the longer term, she’s less sure about the path she wants to take. Never one to make a decision lightly, Anna Maria is weighing up her options and searching for ways to combine her current studies with her passion for art. Whatever the next step, her strong values of openness, inclusion and diversity will surely help her to make the right decision.