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Break Water Ozy

Breakwaters are structures constructed on coasts as part of coastal defense or to protect an anchorage from the effects of both weather and long shore drift. They are 3 dimensional unites that must tile and stack upon each other to cover an angular surface but must also be as articulated to break up waves. Each team must create one design for a breakwater unit. This assignment explores 3 dimensional stacking and tiling.
  • Date

    Year 2 – Semester 1

  • Program

    Bachelor in Design
  • Author (Students)

    Nicole Beltran

    Alejandra Alonso-M

    Verus Von Haeften

    Yoko Hwangr

  • Subject

    Design Studio I

Inspiration and Mood Board

Mission 5 consisted of using pattern language to create a wave breaker. The main goal was to create a beautiful shape that created an interesting pattern while also serving as a wave breaker. As a team, we started by researching wave breakers and created a mood board to demonstrate our aesthetic inspiration. What captured our interest was organic shapes made out of concrete.
Inspiration and Mood Board - Break Water Ozy

Inspiration and Mood Board - Break Water Ozy

Technical Drawings

We decided our main goal was to achieve playfulness, movement, and uniqueness; and that is how OZY was created. When we rotated the shape, it created the different letters of its name.

Mock Ups

For the color palette, we decided on three colors: deep blue for the water, light grey representing concrete, and pink that symbolized OZY and its playfulness. Then, we drew technical drawings of the shape to showcase all of its angles and parts. We also worked on some different applications of the shape in different patterns, this time placing it in the context of the seaside.

Casting Process

Another aspect of the project was to physically create a small-scale model of our shape out of cement. First, we used a 3D printer to print the shape, and then we created a two-part silicon mold out of the 3D print. Lastly, over the course of two weeks, we created the cement OZYs.
The final phase of the project involved creating three posters to present our shape. We were inspired by Swiss design and created posters showing all the different rotations of OZY. This was to ensure we showcased all of its uniqueness and playfulness.
  • Rotations of the O

  • Rotations of the Z

  • Rotations of the Y