Health protection measures

Health Protocol Update

In order to protect the health and well-being of our community and guarantee safety on our campus, we have reinforced our health protocol with measures that go beyond current health regulations. We have also designed our Liquid Learning model, which helps students access their programs from anywhere in the world.

Our strategy in managing the pandemic is based on the following:

  • safe environment
    Creating a safe environment on campus

    We’ve adapted the layout of our classrooms to guarantee strict access control and a low population density.

  • monitoring of rules
    monitoring of hygiene and physical distancing rules

    Not only is our campus equipped with strict hygiene-monitoring systems, but the environment facilitates social distancing as well as the mandatory use of face masks. We count on you for your collaboration.

  • Identification of positive cases
    Early identification of possible COVID-19 cases
    Proactive screening to detect asymptomatic cases

    1. Anyone accessing campus for the first time must take an antigen test. The test can be taken at the infirmaries on the Madrid and Segovia campuses. If you already have access to campus, there is no need for you to take an antigen test unless you have symptoms compatible with COVID-19, have been in close contact with a positive case, or have been present in a high-risk situation (see section 3).

    2. All members of the IE community must update the IE COVID-19 Tracer Web App every day regarding:
    – Potentially compatible symptoms
    – Possible close contact with a COVID-19 case
    – Participation in a high-risk event off campus

    3. If you’ve experienced any of the above, you’ll be asked to take an antigen test within 24 hours at one of our infirmaries. If the test result is positive, the following individuals will be tested within the next 24 hours:
    – Close contacts identified by the epidemiological survey conducted by the medical team.
    – Casual contacts, specifically anyone who has shared an academic session with the infected person.

    In order to preemptively identify positive cases, we will also periodically screen various class sections and/or areas of the campus with antigen tests. Our goal is to proactively detect, isolate, and provide the necessary medical attention to positive cases. The procedure will be as follows:

    1. We will inform the students and professors in the chosen section or area about the screening. Students will receive an antigen appointment, to be taken at the campus infirmary, compatible with their academic schedule. During this time, the section’s classes may be delivered exclusively online.

    2. Upon evaluating the test results, we will confirm the date of return to campus and resumption of face-to-face classes. Students may need to take a second antigen test at the campus infirmary the day prior to resuming in-person classes.

  • Monitoring of positive cases
    Monitoring the health of positive cases

    The medical team monitors the evolution of positive cases while the IE University COVID Support Office (CSO) provides individual attention including alternative accommodation to the infected person, if necessary, to guarantee their isolation.

  • Generating awareness
    Generating awareness

    We endeavor to generate awareness within the IE community in order to reinforce compliance with health measures off campus.


Guidelines for campus activity during 2021.


The IE University community is required to make a daily self-assessment of COVID-19 compatible symptoms before accessing the campus, wear a protective mask at all times, follow the WHO hygiene recommendations, practice physical distancing of more than 1.5 meters, and follow classroom rules.

Starting 2022 the right way

COVID-19 infections are on the rise again, but that doesn’t mean we can’t stay on campus. The following measures have been put in place so that we can start the new year as safely as possible.

  1. Everyone who wants to access campus must take a COVID-19 test in January. You can make an appointment here.
  2. Daily symptom reporting is required through the COVID-19 Tracer Web App.
  3. Guests and people visiting campus must take a test.
  4. If there are more than two COVID-19 cases in a section, classes will be moved online for 48 hours while everyone is tested. Students can return to in-person classes if their test is negative. This applies to everyone, regardless of their vaccination status.
  5. People who have been in close contact with an infected person must take a test. Vaccinated close contacts who test negative can return to campus, but non-vaccinated close contacts have to quarantine, even with a negative test.


The IE University community is required to make a daily self-assessment of COVID-19 compatible symptoms before accessing the campus, wear a protective mask at all times, follow the WHO hygiene recommendations, practice physical distancing of more than 1.5 meters, and follow classroom rules.


Each member of the IE community is required to make a daily self-assessment of COVID-19 compatible symptoms before accessing the campus.


Every individual accessing the campus must wear a protective mask at all times.


The WHO's hygiene recommendations should be followed both on the IE University campus and throughout the day, in any environment. To facilitate hand hygiene, hand sanitizer will be distributed for personal use. Hand sanitizer dispensers have also been installed on campus.


The concentration of people in small spaces is a risk factor for transmission during an infectious disease outbreak, especially when it is transmitted by respiratory droplets as is the case here. The existence of group transmission of the infection is exacerbated by patients who have no or only very mild symptoms. Therefore, physical distancing of more than 1.5 meters is recommended to reduce the risk of contagion.


- Enter the classroom in an orderly manner.
- Crowding must be avoided and blocking entrances is strictly prohibited.
- Each student shall sit down and remain in his/her seat until the faculty member arrives. Faculty members shall be the last to enter the classrooms and the first to leave and no student will be allowed to enter in between.
- Any queries that have not been answered during the session will be resolved online.
- Both the faculty member’s and the students' desks must be cleared after each class.


All the rules of conduct set out by IE University are mandatory to ensure that community members make an ethical commitment to the health of others.


We ask those students, faculty, and staff returning to campus to fill out a questionnaire regarding their health, including history of COVID-19 infection and whether they or the people they live with have any vulnerable conditions.

The questionnaire has five parts and includes questions regarding the following:

1. Evidence of infection/contact with the SARS-CoV-2 virus and relevant prior medical tests.

2. Other illnesses.

3. Cohabitation with vulnerable people.

4. Current symptoms associated with the COVID-19 disease.

5. History of symptoms.


  • no symptoms compatible with COVID-19

    1. In the case of an active infection, individuals need to self isolate at home where they should temporarily follow their programs online and work remotely. In these cases, access to the campus will be prohibited and the medical service will activate an individual tracking protocol until the infection disappears and the patient is medically cleared.

    2. If the test is negative and there are no compatible COVID-19 symptoms, or if the infection is no longer contagious, individuals will have full access to the campus. Every day before accessing the campus, all individuals who receive this recommendation must take a daily self-assessment of symptoms and log the results in the COVID-19 Tracer Web App.

    3. Individuals who are not infected and do not have compatible COVID-19 symptoms but have prior medical conditions are advised to continue their program or their work remotely.

  • symptoms compatible with COVID-19

    Individuals with compatible COVID-19 symptoms on the date of the serological test

    People with compatible COVID-19 symptoms on the date of the antigen test, are considered “suspected cases” by the medical service and will be monitored individually.

    • The medical team will perform a test to detect viral RNA by real-time PCR (RT-PCR).

    • These people will also be instructed to self-isolate at home until the COVID-19 diagnosis is medically cleared.

    • Continue their programs online and telework.


1. Please register on the COVID-19 Tracer Web App 15 days before arriving on campus.

2. Fill in your health status information and complete the Daily Symptoms Evaluation section.

3. To access campus, you can upload your vaccination or recovery certificate to the COVID-19 Tracer Web App.

4. If you don’t have either of these, you must take an antigen test at the on-campus infirmary before starting classes.

5. It’s time to go to campus! Remember, please don’t arrive with any COVID-19 symptoms, and make sure to bring the above documentation as well as a mask.


All the recommended hygiene measures become useless if they are not also applied outside the IE University campus. Thus, it is important to constantly maintain these measures throughout the day, no matter the situation and environment.





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