IE Venture Lab

Venture Lab

The Venture Lab provides you with the opportunity to take your degree project, or a business opportunity you have envisioned, to the next level.

This is where you make your project investment ready, preparing it to be presented at Venture Days to angel investors, venture capitalists and other local entrepreneurs. Venture Days take place twice a year in Madrid, as well as other international locations like Shanghai, Bogota, Mexico City, or Sao Paolo. You can participate in the Venture Lab as a student and in the future as a part of IE’s alumni network.

The Accelerator

The Venture Lab Accelerator is where IE students and alumni can fast-track their business ideas by attending a "bootcamp" which helps them make their projects ready for investment. The bootcamp is comprised of 10 intensive learning sessions delivered by top IE professors, industry experts, serial entrepreneurs, and start-up investors.

Venture days

Venture Days serve as a platform where finalists from the Accelerator program, as well as any other students or alumni, can pitch their project to international investors.

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The Mentors

Each project in the Venture Lab Accelerator is assigned a mentor. The mentor will be an entrepreneur, investor, or businessperson with sector-specific experience, whose mission is to bring a real-world perspective to the project, to counterbalance the ambition and vision with hard-learned lessons from the business world.