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Adrián Salinas

About me

I was born in La Paz, Bolivia, but I have spent most of my life in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Although my free activities are varied, I spend most of my day working or hanging out with friends. I am kind of a workaholic, so you will usually find me with a laptop in the cafeteria. When I’m not working on my behavioral consultancy called Alquimic, I like to spend time with my friends and family. There is nothing better than sharing new experiences with them in Madrid. All the coffee shops, art exhibitions, new restaurants, bars, concerts, parks and events in Madrid make it the perfect city. I’ve been living here for three years and still find new things to keep me in love with it.

Adrián Salinas
Undergraduate student
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Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences
Adrián Salinas - Student Story | IE

"If you can imagine something, someone at IE University can help you shape it into reality."

Adrián Salinas

Taking every opportunity to learn

Before coming to IE University for his Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences, Adrian was studying computer science in the US. That’s when he realized that he was more interested in understanding humans than computers, even though his science grades at school had been much better than his humanities ones. He’d looked at a lot of different institutions and programs as part of his research, but nothing quite hit the mark until his father introduced him to IE University. It was an instant yes—IE University was exactly what he had been looking for and he couldn’t be happier with his decision.

Studying at IE University has presented Adrian with a wealth of opportunities. He’s been fortunate to learn from some of the best professors and mentors in the business. “My favorite subjects have two things in common: great content and incredible professors. I cannot emphasize how much my professors have contributed to my experience at IE University,” he explains. Looking back on his favorite classes so far, Adrian says they have given him “the toolkit for a lifetime.”

However, for Adrian, what makes IE University different from other institutions are the great opportunities to learn outside the classroom and the global network of graduates. “The IE Alumni network is a real thing,” he tells us. “You can probably find IE University alumni at any great company you can imagine.” And he’s learned a great deal from some of the world-renowned visiting speakers who come to share their unique mindsets and insights on success, including Pau Gasol, Sam Altman and Carlos Sainz Sr. “At IE University, you have the chance to be surrounded by some of the greatest professionals in the world. And having them around gives you confidence. It makes you feel like anything you want to achieve is possible,” he adds. 

Adrián Salinas - Student Story | IE UniversityIn fact, although still a student at IE University, Adrian established his own behavioral consultancy called Alquimic in the Startup Lab. He is already working with some clients and intends to grow the company more once he graduates. It’s fair to say he’s found his purpose at IE University.

In terms of his personal development, Adrian is an active member of the IE Community, getting involved at every opportunity. Adrian co-founded the IE Behavioral Consulting Team in his third year. The team works on consultancy projects trying to improve internal teams at IE University, such as Student Experience, by using behavioral science. He was also previously a member of IE Music Club where he met some of his best friends. 

To future Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences students, Adrian recommends they take every chance they have. “I have been scared of many things, and every time I push through, I feel grateful for it. I have lots of crazy ideas, and IE University has been welcoming,” he explains. He’s had help developing those ideas from some of our outstanding faculty, whose positive influence on his experience cannot be overstated, he says. Overall, his time with us has been one of personal and professional growth from day one.