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Andrea Rivera

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I come from the city of Tegucigalpa in Honduras, a small country in Central America. If I had to describe myself, I'd say I'm a person fueled by determination, passion and a whole lot of heart. I am passionate about contributing to socio-economic development in all countries and striving for a world of justice and equality.

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Andrea Rivera | IE School of Politics, Economics & Global Affairs

“IE University stands out as one of the best in the world, known not only for its academic excellence but also for fostering an environment that cultivates real-world change-makers.”

Andrea Rivera

Ready to make a profound impact with the Master in International Development

Andrea Rivera | IE School of Politics, Economics & Global Affairs

Andrea Rivera’s professional aspirations are rooted in a profound desire to make a difference. She is planning for her career path to be a story of impact, where every step she takes leaves a positive mark on the people around her. Guided by her vision of a world where every individual has the opportunity to thrive, she is committed to creating real change.

After completing her undergraduate degree in economics, Andrea decided to pursue a Master in International Development at IE University. When Andrea found out about the Young Talented Leaders’ Scholarship Program for Honduras that is offered by the university, she applied and was honored to be awarded the scholarship.

The Young Talented Leaders’ Scholarship Program for Honduras, launched by IE University in 2023, aims to build bridges between Honduras and Spain, prioritizing low-income students to give them the opportunity to study a master’s program in the fields of international relations, social impact and sustainable development. Made possible by the support of IE Foundation and donations from IE Alumni, the scholarship’s purpose is to develop socially responsible leaders who will be able to use the skills that they develop in their chosen program to influence positive change and development in Honduras.

As one of the first recipients of the scholarship, Andrea recognizes the profound impact that it has had on her life, allowing her to passionately pursue her aspirations in international development. “This fellowship has become more than a means to educational excellence; it has become a catalyst propelling me to dream ambitiously and aspire to higher contributions in fostering positive transformations.” As an IE Foundation Fellow, Andrea is now a lifelong member of a community which she says “cherishes talent, celebrates diversity and shares a collective commitment to effecting positive change on a global scale.”

One of the main factors that drew Andrea to IE University was the highly distinguished faculty. “The caliber of professors—individuals I greatly admire for their contributions to making a positive impact in the world—played a significant role in my decision to study here,” she says. Aside from this, Andrea was attracted by the fact that the curriculum of the Master in International Development is crafted in collaboration with the UN System Staff College, underscoring the program's commitment to aligning with global standards and best practices. She also loves the extensive array of subjects covered, each of them touching upon issues that resonate with her personally.

The Master in International Development is not Andrea’s first experience of collaborating with the UN. Before enrolling in the program, she worked as a volunteer in the United Nations Resident Coordinator's Office in Honduras. Her time there allowed her to cooperate in meaningful initiatives across several sectors—while also fueling the flame of her passion for international development.

“The caliber of professors at IE University—individuals I greatly admire for their contributions to making a positive impact in the world—played a significant role in my decision to study here.”

Andrea Rivera | IE School of Politics, Economics & Global Affairs

Working with the UN helped Andrea build her interest in community development, women's rights and governance. Driven by the profound impact these areas can have on societies, she now brings her experience and passion into the classroom to hone her skills even further, motivated by the chance to “translate theory into tangible, positive outcomes for communities worldwide.”

When she finishes her studies, Andrea plans to pursue work that supports and even extends beyond the scope of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). She wants to contribute to initiatives that not only align with these essential frameworks but also push the boundaries, fostering sustainable impact and positive change on a broader scale.

When describing her experience at IE University so far, Andrea is full of praise. She highlights the cultural diversity within her class, which exposes her to varied perspectives and makes for an enriching learning environment. She enjoys being surrounded by peers who are as passionate and inspired as she is, and expresses a deep sense of gratitude for the opportunity to learn from her distinguished professors and her talented classmates.

According to Andrea, what sets IE University apart is not just the academic excellence but also the emphasis on holistic development. “The institution goes beyond the confines of the master’s program, offering numerous avenues to connect with a broader community.” She appreciates how each student is valued as an individual, fostering an environment where well-being and personal growth are prioritized. This holistic approach makes the IE Experience not just educational but also “transformative and fulfilling.”

Andrea feels that her personal and professional experiences at IE University will leave her well-prepared to achieve the impact she aspires to make. She is eager to be part of this dynamic community and an environment that cultivates real-world change-makers.

As for her advice to someone considering the Master in International Development, Andrea emphasizes the importance of embracing your personal identity, culture, environment and community. “Your unique perspective and vision are crucial contributions to the pursuit of sustainable development,” she says.

However, she notes that it's equally important to remain open to the life stories of others, as they provide a broader perspective beyond your personal experience. “In the collaborative journey towards sustainable development, the synergy of diverse perspectives enhances the global impact and fosters a richer, more inclusive approach to addressing global challenges.” That’s one of the reasons why the diverse community at IE University is the perfect environment for shaping future change-makers.

Andrea Rivera | IE School of Politics, Economics & Global Affairs