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Baruc Corazón

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I was born in Madrid and pursued my design studies in Nice and London. I also studied law and business in Madrid. In addition to my educational journey, I have lived in various global cities, including Paris, Milan, New York and Chicago. Now I run my own fashion brand called Baruc, and I provide creative consultancy services to other fashion firms. My passions and hobbies often overlap with my work in design—so although I consider painting, yoga, psychology and meditation to be personal interests, they also contribute to my professional projects.

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"The only thing a human being needs to succeed is for another human being to believe in them."

Baruc Corazón

Shaping the future of fashion education

Baruc Corazón's journey through the fashion industry has been defined by his forward-thinking vision and his dedication to the concept of conscious design. His fashion company, Baruc, challenges the traditional constraints of temporality and gender. His book, "NoDiseño: Proposal for a New Creativity," advocates for a more conscious, sustainable and socially responsible approach to design. With over two decades of experience as a creative director in the fashion industry, he now brings his wealth of knowledge to IE University.

Baruc's work with IE University began as a professor of Conscious Design Leadership, a course aimed at creating leaders capable of driving positive changes in the fashion and design industry. His role expanded when he was invited to offer his invaluable expertise and guidance on the development of the Bachelor in Fashion Design.

As he delved enthusiastically into the project, he realized he had been given the opportunity to share a completely new perspective on the world of fashion education. This idea propelled him into the role of academic director for the program, where he now plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of design education at IE University.

When asked to describe his field, Baruc notes that the term "fashion design" is expansive and often ambiguous. While it typically refers to the design of fashion products, it encompasses numerous sectors within the fashion industry. For Baruc, that means it offers a wealth of opportunities for creativity across various domains.

Baruc Corazón - Faculty Story | IEAt IE University, the concept of fashion design is redefined to encompass product design, strategic design and brand design, covering all facets of fashion-related projects. Here, students gain a 360-degree view of the fashion world, harnessing their unique vision and creativity across the entire spectrum of fashion. This holistic approach ensures that they develop an in-depth understanding of the terrain they tread.

Fashion holds a distinct position in the realm of creativity, as it is intimately connected to our bodies, making it highly sensitive to social and cultural changes. Furthermore, it is intricately tied to a substantial volume of production and business. In a rapidly transforming world, adapting to these changes is paramount. IE University's fashion program provides a comprehensive and coherent education that prepares students to address the evolving needs of the fashion industry.

Moreover, the program extends beyond the classroom, offering internships and job opportunities that provide students with direct exposure to the industry and marketplace. Specializations in areas such as jewelry, textiles, accessories, scenic design, spaces and events, as well as decoration and home textiles, allow students to tailor their education to their specific interests.

The future of fashion is evolving rapidly, becoming a catalyst for change in business models, technology, societal habits and customs. The fashion industry in Spain is at the forefront of these transformations, adopting practices, protocols and certifications to meet the demands of an increasingly conscientious market.

IE University's Bachelor in Fashion Design is poised to shape the next generation of fashion leaders who will drive positive change in the industry. Together, they are paving the way for a new era in fashion—one that is conscious, innovative and adaptable.

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"The only thing a human being needs to succeed is for another human being to believe in them."

Baruc Corazón

Academic Director for the Bachelor in Fashion Design