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Dhruvi Khandelwal

About me

My name is Dhruvi Khandelwal and I come from Chennai, India, but I grew up surrounded by both Indian and Spanish cultures as my mother was raised in Tenerife. I’m an optimistic and extroverted individual who is passionate about legal design and technology. After completing my Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) at IE University, I decided to pursue the Double Master in Law and Procurement + Business Legal Consulting (LL.M.) at IE Law School to further my career in Spain and beyond, with the long-term goal of working in innovative legal fields.

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"My journey at IE Law School has been transformative. It's been a fulfilling adventure marked by invaluable experiences and endless opportunities."

Dhruvi Khandelwal

Adapting across borders on the path to legal excellence

Dhruvi Khandelwal | IE Law School

Dhruvi Khandelwal, from the vibrant city of Chennai, India, exemplifies optimism, adaptability and a keen passion for new challenges. Her upbringing, enriched by her mother’s life in Tenerife, Canary Islands, gave her a deep appreciation for Spanish culture. 

At IE University, Dhruvi chose the Double Master in Law and Procurement + Business Legal Consulting (LL.M.) because it “took a comparative approach to teaching law” and offered insights into different legal systems and jurisdictions. She notes the supportive cohort of classmates she has to share her master’s experience with, expressing that the journey has left her with a constant smile as it’s progressing as smoothly as she could have hoped for.

Upon arriving in Madrid for her undergraduate studies, Dhruvi faced the challenge of mastering Spanish, well aware of its significance for her prospective legal career. However, with unparalleled support from IE University’s faculty, she quickly became fluent and it “opened many doors” for her along the way. As she puts it, she “aims to qualify for the Madrid bar, and work in another country like the UAE,” highlighting her ambition to practice law internationally. 

Her active involvement in extracurricular activities enriched Dhruvi’s academic pursuits. She became a member of IE Debate Club and fully immersed herself in Model United Nations across the globe. Her dedication and prowess in these forums earned her recognition, including a coveted “Diplomatic Commendation” at the Harvard National Model United Nations. In addition, she co-founded IE University’s Model United Nations and actively took part in events such as LawWithoutWalls in Switzerland. These experiences not only honed her interpersonal skills but also gave her clarity on her professional career trajectory toward legaltech.

Dhruvi Khandelwal | IE Law School

Transitioning from the Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) to the Double Master in Law and Procurement + Business Legal Consulting (LL.M.) at IE Law School was a seamless progression for Dhruvi. Her confidence in choosing this path was solidified by securing a legaltech internship with the support of IE Talent & Careers. Recognizing the inclusive environment that IE University promotes and its proactive approach to language support for international students, Dhruvi began her master’s program with a sense of assurance and determination.

Her journey at IE Law School epitomizes the institution’s commitment to fostering inclusive, supportive and globally engaging education. Throughout the program, she found “unwavering support, language immersion and a vibrant community,” and actively participated in competitions and internships. Reflecting on her experience, Dhruvi emphasizes the importance of seizing opportunities, leveraging resources and maintaining a proactive mindset for personal and professional growth.