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Nathan Mario Perera Mahagamage

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Growing up in Sri Lanka helped me understand the importance of nature and sustainability, which motivated me to study environmental science. I have several hobbies that keep me busy outside of class time: I sing for IE Music Club and I enjoy hiking across Segovia and reconnecting with nature. I also read non-fiction and autobiographical books whenever possible.

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Nathan Mario Perera Mahagamage | IE University

"All my friends hail from nationalities all over the planet, and I’ve met students from countries I never thought I’d have any involvement with."

Nathan Mario Perera Mahagamage

Saving the planet with the Bachelor in Environmental Sciences for Sustainability

Nathan was always aware of environmental concerns, growing up on the small tropical island nation of Sri Lanka. Issues such as water scarcity, pollution and non-renewable energy were ever-present, but the recent economic crisis brought climate concerns to the forefront. Facing an inability to import food or energy, the nation found itself in a critical state.

Seeing his country struggle was both frustrating and disappointing for Nathan. He explains, “Sri Lanka does have the capability to truly be self-reliant and sustainable by using renewable energy, but as a developing nation that is dependent on importing non-renewable energy and agriculture, a lot of chaos ensued when it was not possible to import anymore.”

Going through that experience inspired Nathan to study the Bachelor in Environmental Sciences for Sustainability at IE University. He hopes one day to integrate everything he learns into helping developing nations such as Sri Lanka transform into sustainable energy powerhouses. The balance of theoretical and practical skills that he is gaining in the program will give him the tools he needs to achieve those goals.

Nathan's favorite subjects in his program reflect his passion for environmental issues. He enjoys learning about the interconnectedness of ecosystems in Principles of Ecology. At the same time, he appreciates the hands-on nature of classes such as Instrumental Methods for Environmental Measurement. “I admire how it teaches us how to accurately utilize tools that can be helpful in the field,” he comments.

One of the things Nathan values most about IE University is the diverse student body. “All my friends hail from nationalities all over the planet, and I’ve met students from countries I never thought I’d have any involvement with.” Engaging with peers from around the world broadens his perspective and fosters cross-cultural understanding—a crucial aspect of addressing global environmental challenges.

Nathan Mario Perera Mahagamage | IE UniversityNathan also praises the wide variety of extracurricular activities available at IE University. “There are so many things to choose from, whether it be sports and fitness or cooking and music,” he says. He enjoys participating in different clubs and meeting people with shared interests.

As an active member of the IE Music Club, Nathan sings in a band called The Jukebox. He spends a lot of time rehearsing with them in the IE Creativity Center and organizing concerts that take place in various venues. Performing in concerts and gigs allows him to go beyond his comfort zone and develop his musical talents.

For future students of the Bachelor in Environmental Sciences for Sustainability, Nathan emphasizes the importance of passion and dedication to sustainability. He says that a background in the sciences is helpful but not absolutely necessary: “All you need to succeed at IE University and beyond is your dedication.”

Nathan’s passion for the environment and for creating a positive impact on his community is evident, and he encourages others to follow their dreams. “If you want to help save the planet so that humans and animals alike can have a better future, this degree is for you,” he enthuses. With such determination and drive, Nathan is bound to succeed in his future goals and transform his community for the better.