The COVID-19 pandemic has given a new meaning to the need of businesses, institutions and individuals to adapt to unexpected challenges. The pace of transformation brought by the digital revolution and globalization has suddenly gained an unprecedented speed. From business to technology, architecture to geopolitics and law, health and wellbeing to two decades of online teaching, IE University and its community of faculty and experts want to share with the rest of the society their knowledge, tools, and experience to make sense of these complex challenges and to build resilience in these ever-changing times.


A selection of pieces about trends and solutions to today’s challenges from IE’s faculty and experts.

Poverty & COVID-19

In the developing world, the poverty the crisis will generate may claim more lives than the disease.


A Change in Social Logics for Sustainability?

Can the current coronavirus crisis, with its social distancing measures, actually strengthen social solidarity? The effect of the Kyoto protocol on nations less active in the realm of sustainability offers an interesting parallel.


Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Good morning, Vietnam! Do you remember that famous call by Adrian Cronauer—the great Robin Williams in his Oscar-nominated leading role—at the start of every radio show in the Barry Levinson film of the same name? Could you have imagined your city or country being called to help solve the unexpected conflict ahead?


An Anesthetized Society?

The coronavirus crisis is making the world reflect on its own purpose within the realm of humanity. Pedro Corrales discusses this deep question within the frame of the Kantian questions.

"For the time being, all these measures are necessary if we want to later return to our normal lives. Brace and show resilience—the sun will set on such emergency measures sooner or later."
"Innovation and entrepreneurship often originate from the need to find opportunities in the face of problems."
"Never say that things were always better in the past. The future will be better."