LL.M. in International Business LawAbove and beyond borders of a single legal system

The LL.M. in International Business Law transforms students into global lawyers and business strategists, with a specific formation on soft skills, critical for developing a successful career in international business.


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International law firms and Company legal departments increasingly demand lawyers with a global perspective, who are able to add value in complex international transactions. This includes combining top quality legal advice with an in-depth understanding of business issues and the highest standards of professional ethics. The LL.M. in International Business will give you the knowledge and skills to become the perfect business lawyer.

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Students must fulfill the following requirements to be able to request the issuance of the Official University Degree upon completion of the Master Program.


The MBA Module provides students with broad knowledge of the fundamentals of business management and strategy and allows students to earn a Certificate of Business Administration from IE Business School in addition to the LL.M. degree. The LL.M. in International Business Law prepares students to manage global legal transactions with a business approach by providing an international experience full-filled with worldwide exchanges, legal venture clinics and a practical case methodology applied to large global companies, international law firms, organizations, government and public sector or NGOs. This LL.M. gives students the opportunity to exceed legal boundaries to outstand in a global system.

Open New Doors with IE Law School & BARBRI

Expand you career options globally

As we live in an increasingly globalized, interdependent world and the demand for legal professionals who understand the workings and complexities of more than one legal system continues to grow, we need to train lawyers with a global mindset.

At IE Law School, we are committed to fostering global legal education so that lawyers can pursue careers internationally, across different legal systems, and manage trans-border transactions and multijurisdictional issues.

In order to bridge the gap, we have partnered with BARBRI, the number one bar examination review course in the United States, to give our LL.M. students qualified as lawyers the chance to take the California Bar Examination and become qualified to practice law in the US. BARBRI has been ranked the number one bar review course thanks to its innovative and flexible study tools. For those BARBRI international students who completed 80% or more of the Personal Study Plan, 76% of them passed the bar exam.

Our partnership with BARBRI offers students the opportunity to study American law and acquire the necessary credentials to make global practice a reality. BARBRI’s International Bar Preparation Program is designed with adaptability in mind; more specifically, it’s designed to help non-U.S. and qualified lawyers pass the U.S.’ most difficult bar examination.


Why did we partner with BARBRI?

Flexible & Online

The BARBRI International Bar Preparation program is a highly flexible, 10-month online program that has been specifically designed to accommodate your needs. This program can be tailored around your other commitments, whether professional or academic, so you can study whenever and wherever suits you best.

Personal Study Plan

The program provides you with a Personal Study Plan (PSP) to ensure you receive guidance every step of the way. Analyses of data collected from your assignments, simulated exams, and directed essay grading will give you all the information you need to stay at the top of your game and study smarter, by allowing you to focus on the areas that need the most work.

Foundations in U.S. law designed for non-U.S. educated law graduates

Finally, this program is enhanced by our renowned American law school professors who are there to provide all non-U.S.-educated law graduates with the tools and skills they need to tackle the bar examination.

An enriching learning experience

The LLM in International Business Law is designed to transform students into global lawyers which are problem solvers and business strategists. Through the MBA Module, the International Immersion Weeks, the Moot Courts and the Venture Law Clinic, our students leave prepared to work side by side with clients and be the next leaders in legal practice and innovation at a global level.

Brussels Immersion Week

Students meet with the heads of Competition practices at the world’s prestigious international firms and the in-house departments of global companies. To cap it off, the trip exposes students to the European political machine with visits to lobbyists and meetings with European Commission regulators themselves.

London Immersion Week

Students are exposed to the legal market of the world’s financial capital. We take a front row seat in London’s legal marketplace where we engage with London’s preeminent lawyers and discuss their practice, and the changing landscape of finance, international law and legal services in London.

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Vienna Moot Court Competition

During the Easter Holidays four students travel to Vienna, Austria to compete in a simulation of an arbitration hearing in the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot Court Competition, one of the largest and most well recognized moot court competitions in the world.

This module is of paramount importance to the academic formation of a global lawyer, since it is designed to introduce students to the most important legal systems globally. As such, it comprises the study of the basics and fundamentals of Common Law, Civil Law and Asian legal systems. Furthermore, it focuses extendedly on the fundamentals and specifics of EU commercial law, and provides general knowledge on the main structures and institutions of international public law.

Introduction to Common Law Systems

The objective of the course is to understand the basic structural and operational principles of the Common Law System, the basic legal concepts and terminology.

Introduction to Civil Law

This course intends to give students a general approach to Civil law. It is planned as a first contact with this legal tradition: it does not require previous knowledge of Civil law institutions.

Introduction to Asian Legal Systems

Taking into account the complexity and diversity of India and China, the goal of this course is to identify the key aspects of the business and legal environment in India and China.

EU Commercial Law

Its objective is to explore the dynamic regulatory environment for businesses operating within the EU, one of the largest trading blocs in the World, and its organizations.

International Public Law

This course gives students the basic tools that they need to understand the most essential functions and instruments of public international law. In addition, the students gain a deeper understanding of international trade law.

Global corporate lawyers need to be aware of the corporate ADR processes and negotiation techniques in order to properly assess their clients as per their best interests during international transactions and in any dispute that may arise. In order to do so, an exceptional corporate lawyer needs to dominate the possible scenarios arising from different applicable laws in the international arena.

International Arbitration

The aim of the course is to acquire deep knowledge about the methods and basic concepts within international arbitration and to get to know how to handle the application of national and international rules of reference within international arbitration.

Conflict of Laws

The objective of the course is to improve the students’ capabilities to understand and solve conflict of laws problems that typically arise in international business transactions and understanding the conflict of laws developed in other jurisdictions of the world.


This program has been designed so that participants may learn the “art of negotiation” as an effective tool that they will be able to use throughout their professional careers and personal lives.

Internation Arbitration Advocacy

This course is taught in conjunction with the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot. This arbitration competition that simulates the defense of a hypothetical client, intends to give students first-hand knowledge of how an international commercial arbitration functions.

This module comprises the backbone to every international corporate lawyer. It will provide hands-on formation on the different regulations to which corporate institutions are subject to, on the formation, structure and content of international contracts. Finally, the Module will provide insight on the latest advances on the area of compliance that may affect corporations, enabling students to advise clients in the broadest way possible.

Comparative Corporations

The objective of the course is to provide students with an (functional and practical) overview of the regulation of corporate institutions, focusing mainly in the United States and the European Union.

International Contracts

The aim of this course is to provide the student with sufficient skills and critical legal judgement to achieve an adequate methodology in the process of creation of agreements in an international cross-border scenario.

Global Corporate Compliance

The objectives of the course are: to understand the international legal framework in the Compliance arena; to learn how to design and implement a Global Corporate Compliance Program; to identify the main regulatory risks companies face when operating at global level and to identify the consequences of not having a compliance program.

Corporate Finance-Legal Aspects

This is an area of law where the growing influence exerted by the international capital markets results in US/UK law playing a major role. The objective of this course is for the student to become familiar with the most common structures that may be encountered in this area of law.

In the international sphere, cross-border transactions are more frequent than ever. As such, this Module focuses on Mergers & Acquisitions (their possible structures, strategies, requirements and regulations), together with venture capital and private equity transactions.

Cross-border Mergers & Acquisitions

The learning objectives are: to examine the role that M&A plays in the contemporary corporate world, how it can be used successfully as well as its pitfalls, dangers and risks, and to provide the student a framework for analyzing transactions.

Venture Capital and Private Equity Transactions

This course focuses on tax, legal, and economic principles relevant to a number of complex and current entrepreneurial transactions, employing venture capital or private equity financing.

The module studies diverse fields of law directly involved in international business, such as competition, securities and intellectual property law, along with the implications of global business activities in respect to international taxation.

Competition Law

This course aims at providing students an overall and in-depth view of the basic rules and institutions of competition policy and a detailed understanding of the relevant features that underlie free competition, market functioning and consumer welfare through different industries.

International Securities Law

The course deals with the regulation of international securities transactions. Some of the topics included are international public offering of securities to investors, periodic disclosure required to issuers whose shares are held by investors located in different jurisdictions, international tender offers, etc.

International Intellectual Property

Using a hands-on approach, the most important practical aspects that a company’s legal advisor must bear in mind in relation to Intellectual Property in an international environment will be analyzed. There will be three main areas of study: Distinctive signs, Copyright and Inventions.

International Tax Framework

The course will introduce the legal framework of international taxation and explore the concept of tax residence. Additionally, the course will give a basic view of international tax planning principles and how they are applied by multinational corporations.

An exceptional corporate lawyer needs to understand how its clients’ business works, and the external forces that may affect it. Hence, this module focuses on enhancing student’s understanding on accounting, strategic and financial management, project management and economics. Special attention is paid to the entrepreneurial skills necessary to succeed in business.


This course will emphasize the understanding of how financial statements are created and how accounting decisions affect these statements. The course will teach the theory emphasizing the use of accounting as a tool for decision-making and problem solving.

Strategic Management

This strategy introductory course will introduce students to the mission and realities of general management in order to enable them to think strategically and effectively manage companies and business units.

Financial Management

This course helps students understand how Corporations create value and how to enhance it through every day strategies at all levels of the organization. This will be used to build their own powerful business vision.

Project Management

This course will analyze and study the principles, techniques and basic tool governing Project management applied in a changing legal environment, all with a practical approach and through the experience of experienced professionals in the field.


This course provides an examination of activities that constitute the entrepreneurial process from a managerial perspective, covering issues that emerge with identifying opportunities and shaping them to become feasible new ventures.

Being an integral professional demands the acquisition of knowledge and experiences beyond the formal legal arena. As such, IE offers students tools to develop the interpersonal skills necessary to succeed in interviews, together with team building opportunities, lectures on current and groundbreaking fields, and international networking experiences beyond the classroom.


This series of sessions imparted by the Careers’ Department seeks to provide basic tools on CV building and interviews’ processes to students, in order to maximize their success when attending job interviews.


The LAUNCH period consists on a number of introductory classes designed to immerse students in the case methodology and to enhance their collaborative and team spirit.

Global Forum

This series of sessions, carried by renowned professionals dealing with current topics in the areas of Corporate Law, Leadership skills, Compliance, Technology and Entrepreneurship, among others, provides updated knowledge to students, shaping them into well-rounded professionals.

London and Brussels Immersion Weeks

Our Immersion Weeks, where students visit top law firms, multinationals and financial institutions, help them hone their career trajectory by providing a back-drop to the practice of international law in two centers of global legal activity.

Professional Experience Week

Students will be placed during a week in some of the most prestigious international law firms based in Madrid to work on a case that has been developed by partners to reflect the true work of their lawyers.

Venture Law Clinic

The “Venture Law Clinic” course gives students the opportunity to provide real legal assistance to start-ups chosen from Area31 and IE University Venture Lab. In order to understand what is really required by clients, students shall act as legal advisors.

Corporate Social Responsability

This module seeks to equip students with the main tools for understanding the drivers and expectations on corporate behavior. Students will learn how to develop a robust CSR strategy and understand how to analyze the connection with governance and integrity.

The 10-month Bar preparation course will give you all the fundamentals, skills, and knowledge you need to prepare you for the California Bar Examination in order to become qualified to practice law in the US. These are some of the subjects you will take:

  • Torts Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • Contracts & Sales
  • Corporations, Agency & Partnership
  • Criminal Law & Procedure
  • Evidence
  • Federal Civil Procedure
  • Professional Responsibility
  • Real Property
  • Community Property, Remedies
  • Wills and Trust

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